What's more popular in Japan: Dorama or Anime/Manga?

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What's more popular in Japan: Dorama or Anime/Manga?

Post by electricBonBon » Sep 12th, '11, 20:54

I don't know if you can generalize that, but that's something I have in my mind for a few days now.

I THINK anime and manga are way more popular (though I myself prefer dorama much more), but anime and manga are still mostly watched/read by younger people, aren't they? And I guess dorama are watched by some elder people, too.
Hm .. But I'm not sure.

What do you think about that?

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Post by inishi » Dec 31st, '11, 10:47

Depends on the age really. More adults watch jdramas which are prettyyyyy popular there but anime and manga are still just as crazy amongst kids and adults. Jdramas are usually geared more towards adults as well...

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Post by RB » Jan 18th, '12, 13:14

I don't live there, so can't really say. But ratings for animes are awful, usually lower than 15 points. And the only animes that have good ratings (we are talking about 10-15 points) are family-friendly animes (Sazae-san, Doraemon, etc), while the average dorama would be in 10-15 points as well (with good doramas at over 15, with some episodes getting 25, 30 or even 40 points).

For example, in 2010 One Piece (which we can agree is one of the most important franchises right now, another family friendly anime) set its own record of 13.8 points. Just imagine less known franchises. The latest NHK's taiga dorama got 17.3/18.8 which is the third worst rating ever for the taigas. And Kaseifu no Mita ended with over 40 points for its last episode. Even praised animes like K-ON! didn't have high ratings compared to other TV programs because it aired at a time when most children were at school. There is a reason about why primetime is about doramas and variety shows and not anime.

Of course, it doesn't mean every dorama got good ratings, there are a lot of doramas that got bad ratings. But I think when talking about TV, there is no doubt doramas are more popular than anime.

Most anime are spinoffs from manga, which is indeed popular. But measuring popularity of something that goes on TV only and something that goes on paper is like asking which is more popular, CNN or The New York Times. So I just compared the two that come via the same media.

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Post by gongmin » Feb 18th, '12, 13:26

Dramas, simply because of airing time & content. Anime is more daring, experimental, and is usually aired after midnight. Deadman Wonderland for example had an entire school class of children slaughtered into bloody mess in the first episode and Madoka Magica which was an extremely sad & cynical piece of art, so go figure why adult anime doesn't air on primetime. Bakemonogatari, Lain & such on the other hand is just way too deep. Keep in mind that despite insane amount of creativity, beauty, thrills and originality found in anime, Japan is an extremely conservative nation at heart. The anime geared at kids then again is practically the same "quality" as western comics, so no good ratings there either.

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Post by McfaddenDarcy » Mar 9th, '12, 07:58

My Japanese friend told me that anime is more popular then other directions.

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Post by YukawaManabu » Jul 6th, '13, 05:49

Here in my country, anime and manga still are more popular than Jdoramas. I was one of the few who moved from anime to live action. Actually, I have not watched a single anime in the last year or so. It's all Jdorama for me.

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