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Kokoro (NHK Asadora Drama)

Posted: Jul 8th, '09, 05:59
by mii-t
There was an Asadora drama called Kokoro ( about 5 or 6 years ago that aired in Los Angeles. I saw an episode near the later part of the series and got hooked. I remember waking up in the morning and watching it before going to the office - I looked forward to those 15 minute episodes at breakfast every day.

Anyhow, I noticed that Asadora's aren't subbed that often, but I was hoping that someone might know where I could get a hold of this series. It was broadcast in LA with English subs so I figured there might be a subbed DVD available for sale.

Even if is not subbed, I might consider buying the Japanese version and providing the RAWs if there is a group wanting to work on it.

Posted: Jul 8th, '09, 06:25
by calimerina
Raw version is/was on YouTube, so I think it must be already available somewhere (you don't need to buy it), but no subs.

Posted: Jul 8th, '09, 19:10
by mii-t
Can't find much on YouTube anymore, just some clips of Kokoro slapping Sachi. Maybe I'll contact UTB here in LA. It was subbed for their broadcast, so it must exist - whether or not I can get a copy, we'll see.

Re: Kokoro (NHK Asadora Drama)

Posted: Jan 18th, '16, 09:57
by chumeo_di_hia
Yes, I have found this movie more than 15 years. But I can't found the link to watch online or to download. :pale: It's to be great if anyone upload this, even only 1 ep. :thumright:

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