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[Movie Discussion] Crows Zero

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 04:50
by ik0n
Has anyone seen the movie Crow's Zero? Apparently there will be another one coming out in 09 but I'm really looking forward to watch the first but I just can't seem to find a working torrent/ddl anywhere.

Any chance one of you can hook me up? ^_^ ''

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 12:14
by freack
You can watch it on

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 12:17
by ik0n
Hey, mysojo brings me to another site, nothing related to jmovies or dramas in there. Are you sure the url is correct?

But you probably meant this,
If it's that, yeah I've already checked in there, I'm looking for the torrent so I can watch it half high quality. :)

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 12:40
by biniBningPunkista
try or somewhere in jdrama live journal... you have to get registered first though. i loved the Crows Zero and Shun's character in it. i was ready to watch some bloody, face bashing movie then when i finally watched it, i never expected it to be a really funny movie... it was also beyond kakkoi!


Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 12:42
by lmaonade
i haven't seen an HD rip anywhere
so the highest quality you're going to get is downloading the DVDR
i got it a while ago from
it's a private tracker and i dk if u can sign up
if not
avistaz has the dvdrip for download there.

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 12:56
by ik0n
Thank you all so much for the replies, I got it off avistaz. Downloading now, hopefully it's a good version.
Appreciate your help!

Edit: Damnit, hate it when there's no seeders..

Posted: Jan 24th, '09, 07:14
by ajtangel7
IT WAS FANTASTIC! i am such a big Crows zero fan! Cant wait for Crows Worst this year (the sequel)

Posted: Jan 25th, '09, 20:24
by jholic
i happen to have watched the movie and thought it was pretty decent. pretty good special effects and fight scenes, but i wouldn't watch it for the plot.

Posted: Jan 31st, '09, 05:07
by mizune
moved thread to where all the other movie discussions live....

Posted: Feb 9th, '09, 22:22
by GoddessCarlie
This movie was awesome! I really enjoyed it for the plot, special effects, and the humour! I am looking forward to Crows Zero 2, I hope it is just as good.

Posted: Feb 19th, '09, 08:11
by Endroine
One of my favorite movies, shun is such a good actor! :O And Crows Zero 2 is with Miura Haruma! YAY! really a good movie i recommend [dont know how to write that word XD] it to everyone that reads this! XD

Posted: Feb 19th, '09, 08:49
by mimi601
found the torrent of this in searched crows seems to be downloading fine but its not complete yet...get back to u on quality..

Posted: Mar 4th, '09, 18:53
by neokenzo
I came across this movie by chance, I've always seen it around, never actually bother watching it. I must say its a really good movie. Recommended :)

Posted: Apr 1st, '09, 23:14
by Mirokujin
I watched it a couple of days ago.
It's indeed a very interesting and uplifting movie~XD
I like all the characters there and I'm happy to find that 1/3 actors of Rookies are from Crows Zero <3333333
I like Oguri Shun's moves when fighting.
Yamada's character is actually quite cute btw.

Posted: Apr 3rd, '09, 02:37
by saigo_x
I watched the movie recently and thought it was pretty good. There were a couple of scenes where I had my finger on the fast forward button, but they didn't last long enough to actually press the button hehe. The fighting and effects were not over done like so many action movies these days. The story was pretty good and the character development was good too.

Posted: Apr 3rd, '09, 03:12
by Kakijun
This was a good movie but I did NOT want Ogiri Shun to be the main character! The guy who plays Serizawa was sooo much cooler!

Posted: Apr 3rd, '09, 20:33
by Mirokujin
Kakijun wrote:This was a good movie but I did NOT want Ogiri Shun to be the main character! The guy who plays Serizawa was sooo much cooler!
my mistake
but yeah Yamada acted very well there~he's one awesome young actor.

Posted: Apr 17th, '09, 15:44
by kuro570
Kakijun wrote:This was a good movie but I did NOT want Ogiri Shun to be the main character! The guy who plays Serizawa was sooo much cooler!
The guy who played Serizawa was Yamada Takayuki. I was hoping he would be the main character as well but he still played one of the greatest roles and wouldn't want that to change now lol.

I can't wait for part 2 either I just hope those guys with the bald heads and white uniforms can put up a decent fight for our Genji, I just hope the movie isn't like most sequels that lose their original touch for the stake of "improving" characters and what not.

Posted: Jun 11th, '09, 00:21
by kuro570
Just finished watching Crows Zero II and meh, its not as epic as the first, especially with the camera shaking punches and throws but its still good. Serizawa is back along with Genji and almost all of the guys from the first one with some new faces that you won't really care to remember. ^.^

Oh yeah about the same cast I'm kinda rethinking it because some of the guys look different, a little older so... yeah >.>
one more thing without spoiling it, I think the story is a bit suspect on this one.

Posted: Jun 12th, '09, 10:04
by dmriojas
Have you guys been watching a eng subbed Crows Zero II? I downloaded it a few days ago, but the quality on the one I got was so bad (cam), was there anything better than that with eng subs? ~D

Posted: Jan 9th, '10, 06:24
by vankilsing
yea, I have also been looking for a hq or dvd rip of crows zero 2, if anyone can provide a link or torrent that would be great, thanks

Posted: Jan 9th, '10, 06:51
by moonchyld
i got a dvd copy from avistaz.

Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 14:12
by leapyear29
so what is this movie really about..i just wanna know because i wanna understand it when im watching it..i think i'll look for it now :)

Posted: Jan 12th, '10, 22:05
by Razor.
i am amazed with both parts.
can't wait for 3rd one ;D

Posted: Feb 17th, '10, 07:50
by mrs_chiba
i love yamada takayuki as serizawa tamao!! he did a great job with his acting and i was so hoping he will win in the fight with genji. how sad.