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Japan's Mobile Phones

Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 07:35
by rairai
im thinking of buying a celfone in Japan (wel, im going to ask sumone i know to buy it for me). coz i always notice the celphones used in jdramas andi like its sleek style (clamshell, larger LCD and its color), but i dont realy know which brand is good..and if i can use it in our country.. also how much itd cost.. :D

if anyone has ideas thatd be realy great.. thanks. :D

Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 07:59
by TLab3000
Hm, a quick google search came up with this site that might help you:
and if i can use it in our country..
:blink What?
This is the internet. The internet is no country... yet ;)
You might be able to use some Japanese cell phones in my country. Since there's no hint in your profile about where you live, I have no idea whether that applies to your country, too.

Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 08:09
by Elien
you can go thru DoCoMo web site or if you want more info, there is thread about korean cellphones where you can found many usefull informations about asian types of cells...

Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 08:13
by Arthuro
If you want to buy japanese mobile phones, you have to be aware that most japanese mobile phones only support 3G because it's standard in Japan. Furthermore, buying a recent(or even older) model will be of no use to you unless you have the mobile phone unlocked so you can use it with your SIM card. And, even if you unlock it, you won't be able to use all the functions such as Internet, E-Mail, etc. and MMS.

The price... hmm have a look around ebay. You can get an unlocked japanese phone for around 400 US dollars and up.

If you want to know more about japanese phones, I suggest you check out, it's a big mobile phone community and it even has its own dedicated japanese phones section with a lot of people.



Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 08:43
by sarara
before you buy the cellphone, you have to be sure that your phonecard can be put on it. 'cause i don't buy anywhere else phone 'cause my card doesn't fit in

(I also want japanese phone, 'cause they look nice and also cellphonetrap)

Posted: Jun 6th, '08, 02:08
by rairai
thanks for the links guys!
yea, i heard that i had to unlock it first, but 400 USD is a bit too much :cry:

i checked Docomo's site, and the fones are realy great, i think im going to get one of the models featured n it..
TLab3000 wrote:
and if i can use it in our country..
:blink What?
This is the internet. The internet is no country... yet ;)
i meant the fone.. :D coz i was thinking, if it's intalled with an english language (or is it just kanji?) and if i can use it with our phonecard.. doesnt matter if i cant use its internet functions, i dont use it much anyways. :)

Posted: Jun 6th, '08, 02:44
by PocketKiriyama
there's cheaper one's out there.
I got a softbank 709sc for like 300 bucks last year.
but since im really into taking pictures and emails and such i'll have to get a sony ericsson 850i.
The nokia n95 is better but its kinda oogly.

Posted: Jun 11th, '08, 06:41
by pn0yb0i

I HATE Clamshell shaped phones - I recommend the "Chocolate Bar" style ones with the "clicky" noise.

Edit: Did you mean as in the opening / closing like a clamshell action? oops. :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 11th, '08, 07:02
by rairai
clamshell / flip phones -- i just find it cooler..

Posted: Jun 17th, '08, 18:10
by Alpedra
I´ll be buying my Iphone 3G soon. It´s not a japanese cellphone, I know... but... It´ll also be on sale in Japan and supports japanese characters :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 17th, '08, 18:23
by michca
Oooh, be careful because a majority of the cell phones through DoCoMo are only on softband and so they still wouldn't work out here. (I think they have only a few models that will work on the US network). ... 127a2.html
Good luck!

Heh, I am currently hearting my new Sony Ericsson S500i (it sparkles!!). :wub:

Posted: Jun 20th, '08, 00:21
by 8thSin
It sucks that even though you see some phones have GSM capabilities in Japanese websites, no unlocking is available until quite a while after the release...

I personally love my Sharp sx633 (which is HK ver of Softbank 705sh, works in the U.S.) because no one else in my area has the same phone 8)

903sh (for the camera) and 707sc (for slim) were popular unlocked GSM Japanese clamshell phones last time I checked.

Posted: Jun 20th, '08, 00:51
by rairai
oh i already got one!! its Vodafone 705shf and its pink!! im so happy.. it's second hand though; someone i know (from japan) brought it and sold it to me..

we're supposed to get a newer model (clamshell, slimmer and has 3 inch lcd).. but i believe it wudnt work here.. m also not sure if it can be unlocked since its the latest models..
also there's this camera lock.. which u cant just use it unless ur the owner of the phone?? im not sure with the details.. cuz im not really a techy person..

A purple sony ericsson W308 was my second choice.. great memory for music.. and its purple!!

anyways, im just happy with my new phone though im not used to it yet..

and does anyone know if the phonebook list can be arranged alphabetcally.. cuz i cant see any options.. and even though i type in the names it wouldnt show.. so i had to scroll down and look for it one by one.. U_U

Posted: Jun 20th, '08, 04:06
by mizune
kind of old, but you might be able to find some answers to some of your questions here:

Posted: Jun 20th, '08, 04:40
by rairai
i know.. but i still think it is cute.. :D

i have no problems using kanji though coz i dont actually use it..

anyways, thanks for the link..

Posted: Jun 21st, '08, 00:25
by ryc3 I think they have japanese phones.

Posted: Jun 21st, '08, 01:47
by ILoveKoyuki
does anyone have a site where you can purchase the phones from

Posted: Jun 21st, '08, 23:53
by ryc3
ILoveKoyuki wrote:does anyone have a site where you can purchase the phones from

Posted: Jun 23rd, '08, 01:33
by rairai
ILoveKoyuki: ebay

Posted: Jul 25th, '08, 17:39
by daisyamapi
i love to have softbank in dorama2 i've ever seen!!
the model is kakkoii

Posted: Jul 25th, '08, 18:00
by Elien
I saw a japanese guy with DoCoMo phone on yestarday baseball game. The phone was awesome and it was working in central europe without problems. So envious :wub:

Posted: Jul 25th, '08, 20:35
by zi91
I have thoughts of getting Japan's keitai too! But I heard that only if you're in Japan, or else you can't use the phone even if you buy it, because Japanese send messages via emails, not messages. So, I search through the available handphone brands in my country, and got myself a Sony Ericsson Z770i, which pretty much looks like one Japan's keitai :P

So guys, I think it's only the best to try your luck for any brands available in your country, good luck :thumleft:

Posted: Jul 25th, '08, 21:45
by rairai
i like Riiko's pink docomo in zettai kareshi.. so glam.
what i like is the color and slimness of it.. oh and the 3inch screen.. :)
But I heard that only if you're in Japan, or else you can't use the phone even if you buy it, because Japanese send messages via emails, not messages
true :( i think there are other docomo fones that can send msgs and not emails.. not sure which model though..

Posted: Jul 25th, '08, 22:10
by Zvemi
rairai wrote:A purple sony ericsson W308 was my second choice.. great memory for music.. and its purple!!
that's the one I have :) (given you actually meant W380) love the color :P and the sound when you open it is just... yummy :D it's not exactly Japanese, but than again it kind of is since it's Sony Ericsson.. :D out of the cells available here, I believe it looks Japanese the most.

Posted: Sep 8th, '08, 03:08
by bouken_red
I really want this ... 15tpb.html

it's phone braver from Keitai Sousakan 7... softbank really release it as the real phone and it can be transformed into robot too...

Posted: Sep 19th, '08, 15:31
by hikkichan
I wasted a lot of money on my new phone, so I thought I'd show it off:


I just replaced my old Vodaphone 903SH with a new SoftBank 923SH... Fun phone, great screen... one-seg works pretty well... and there's tons of funky little features on it. One that's silly, but kinda fun is that I can shake my phone a certain way to zoom in on images, shake it a certain way to move to the next option on a list, etc etc.

Posted: Sep 20th, '08, 17:51
by core2quadcore
I'm getting one from my auntie in saga...dunno what model yet...I hope I could use it here in my country...

Posted: Sep 25th, '08, 01:36
by djre
word of caution: japan uses CDMA networks and so generally have CDMA network capable-only phones. here in my country, the 2 main service providers use GSM so I can't use phones from Japan. I hope that helps.

Heads up!

Posted: Oct 2nd, '08, 04:22
by SSJSubgeta

I just found out that some phones are un-lockable.

Also this site has A LOT of helpful info on how to's on Keitai's. IN ENGLISH!!!! :O ... .php?f=168

A user by the name of "Kuro" is selling keitai's and also takes OVERSEAS orders.
But I suggest caution when making purchases online and please use secure payment measures and above all common sense.

I am using these links as pure evidence that Japanese phones can be unlocked and I DO NOT guarantee they are fully compatible with any other providers outside their intended region of service. Some functions like T9 text mode is not supported, so you will type 1 letter at a time. Some Japanese provider features will not work (E.g. Video calls, 1Seg TV, GPS, Web Access etc.)

KURO's JAPANESE Hand phone Accessories for NTT Docomo and 〓Softbank SALES THREAD ... ?t=2015013

LATEST Hypersim / Hypercard for NTT Docomo and 〓Softbank! UNLOCK YOUR JAPANESE HP TODAY ... ?t=2094184

JAPANESE NTT Docomo 906i Series on SALE! P906i, SH906i, N906i, F906i, SO906i, etc GET IT NOW! ... ?t=1990711


Posted: Oct 2nd, '08, 06:36
by albertoavena
hikkichan wrote: (phone pics)
That's a really nice phone. Out of curiosity though, if you don't mind saying, how expensive was it?

Posted: Oct 11th, '08, 01:36
by hikkichan
Wayyyy too much; about 5万円...

Posted: Oct 12th, '08, 21:45
by albertoavena
Ouch, pretty pricey, but nice nonetheless.