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Japanese Humor

Talk about the culture and entertainment from Nihon.
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Japanese Humor

Post by niwa1985 » Nov 6th, '07, 14:23


Okay, I have this English course about 'Humor' at university. I have to do a presentation about something funny and apply some theories on this specific topic. As Japanese being my second major, I wanted to take an example of a Japanese show, 'cause I think that they are very funny. Hahahaha!!!

At the moment - maybe I find something different - I decided on that video:
(Is there a version of it with English subtitles? Unfortunately they speak a lot of Japanese near the end and I don't know how to produce subtitles by myself. Is there a possibility to download the video from somewhere?)

Unfortunately I do not know where it is taken from.
Could somebody tell me something about that specific show?

Perhaps you have also some other interesting examples, which are not that hard to explain to people who have no knowledge of Japanese?

I also would like to ask, what you think Japanese Humor is about and how it differs from other forms of humor in other cultures. I would like to gather some more information about it - not that I know nothing. XD

Last session, we talked about ethnic humor - jokes making specific groups a target (like Rednecks in the USA, blond people [was popular in Germany some time ago], or something like that). Is there something like that in Japan, too? I thought about it, but I found no answer.

Thanks in advance!!

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Post by frashdi87 » Nov 6th, '07, 14:41

haha..u choose this video?
so funny..
basically it's game show i think, all the students should not laugh when the video is playing. usually the video is something really funny, not only people reading in english.. last time i saw was funnier than this...who laugh during the show will be punish..
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Post by sirya » Nov 6th, '07, 14:41

that show is "can't laugh" (i don't know its japanese name...)
they put the participants in a funny situation - they must not laugh or they will be punished.
obviously japanese think beating people up is funny.
i think this one should make you laugh, but it made me sick :lol
Can't Laugh 03

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Post by Maryvel » Nov 6th, '07, 16:11

It made me laugh all right. It's hilarious :lol

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Post by lomsie » Nov 6th, '07, 16:22

Well, I can't say I know much, I mean, you're the one taking the class on humor! But anyway, what I know is that Japanese humor, like their history, kind of isolated. A lot of people say that Japanese don't have a sense of humor. They do actually, or else you wouldn't see them laughing in all those variety shows.

I forget the name, but there is the traditional one-man-show, where he sits in front of his audience (seiza style!) and just tells jokes. It is really a throw up to whether people laugh or not. Some jokes are so tailored that there is a specific time during the telling where one is supposed to laugh. I can't remember the name, I'll have to look it up.

Then there is the manzai, which is two people playing off of each other. One person plays the "strait-man" (who usually sets up the jokes), then the other plays the "idiot/simpleton" (who delivers the punchline). The two players act off of each other, and the joke usually ends with the "strait-man" delivering a well aimed slap to the head of the "idiot"

THen this is what I've seen on TV: for whatever reason, they love physical, slapstick comedy, somewhat reminiscent of the Three Stooges. Celebrities are always competing in ridiculous games with ridiculous consequences if they fail (Japonica Logos: they get steam or some white substance sprayed in their face when they get a question wrong). It seems they get laughs at the expense of others. But then again, that can be said for any other culture as well, I mean, look at that "Jackass" show and "WIld Boyz"

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Post by niwa1985 » Nov 6th, '07, 16:42

Don't know, if I will use this video. I have to talk to my teacher about this.
But this video is one you can easily understand without knowing Japanese.
And it has some reference to English. XD
I laughed so hard at 'ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten'.

Thank you. I just saw, that the show's title is displayed in the upper left corner of the video. :pale: I can't watch this. It's kinda disgusting.

Well, the term just started. XD
It's very interesting but it's not so funny as one might think, because of the theories you have to learn. Luckily, our teacher is a very funny person. So it's okay. XD I know, what you mean with your first example. It's the thing the main actor of 'Tiger and Dragon' does - it's called Rakugo, I think. I should watch this again.

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Post by gizarhyme » Nov 7th, '07, 00:29

it's off a show called "Gaki no tsukai ya arahende! (ガキの使いやあらへんで!)".
It's hosted by the famous comedians downtown (ダウンタウン),
and that clip is just a partial bit of this special "笑ってはいけない" series they do at the end of the year.

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Post by doink-chan » Nov 7th, '07, 00:43

Yeah, that clip was from Gaki no Tsukai Yaarahende and it was part of their 'high school' special (so was the clip of the Engrish-speaking guy, for that matter. I like that one better. Ten ten ten ten ten...). GnTY is well-known for their over-the-top batsu games that losers of other games played in the show have to go through. I haven't seen the whole episode that the "Waratte wa Ikenai" clips came from, though, so I don't know if it was actually a batsu game or not.

There's a couple subbed clips from GnTY floating around YouTube. They aren't batsu games though, they're of comedy routines that were done by Downtown on the show. Perhaps you might like to show some of those. But then, maybe you may want to include some other comedians.

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Post by Hanakurosu » Nov 7th, '07, 03:15

There's a lot of Gaki no Tsukai special, why not try to search them at wiki...

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