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HYD Saturn Necklace

Posted: Sep 22nd, '07, 07:58
by chineseguy91
I'm sorry if this was already asked, but where can you buy a Saturn necklace, the same one from Hana Yori Dango?

Posted: Sep 23rd, '07, 20:41
by ktnew
oh i would love to know that too!!

Posted: Sep 25th, '07, 18:27
by trunkims
It was found on a japanese site a while back, and posted in the HYD thread but there's so many pages, I don't remember now lol.....I'll check again.

Posted: Sep 26th, '07, 05:40
by chineseguy91
Can you direct me to which thread, i'll try to look for it too.

Posted: Sep 27th, '07, 13:27
by Hachiko-chan
Me want one too, the necklace was so pretty :wub:

Posted: Oct 23rd, '07, 09:03
by cynosure
Yeah, the necklace is impressive.:roll
I've heard it could be find on the SWAROVSKI official website. But I failed to dig it out :scratch:
Someone told me there's a similar style produced by vivienne westwood, but apparently they're just not exactly the same.

Posted: Oct 23rd, '07, 13:41
by ktnew
if you read japanese then this site will help....unfortunately it doesnt help me.

Posted: Oct 23rd, '07, 16:25
by cynosure
ktnew wrote:if you read japanese then this site will help....unfortunately it doesnt help me.
wow, they're pretty :wub: :thumleft: Thanks :thumright:
I don't understand Japanese, either. Maybe firefox would can translate the current web page into English with it. Though the translated sentences are not well-organized enough...but at least you can understand the key word :P

Posted: Sep 6th, '08, 19:30
ktnew wrote:if you read japanese then this site will help....unfortunately it doesnt help me.
It costs roughly $330 without shipping. It's so lovely but I don't know if I'd be willing to spend that much. :-(

Posted: Sep 12th, '08, 23:21
by Yessy89
Yeah the necklace is pretty! I wonder if all the girls from Japan that saw HYD got one...and the stores ran out! :D That would be funny! :D

Posted: Sep 16th, '08, 22:36
by seirin

Posted: Oct 1st, '08, 20:38
by Hayao

I'm french and a don't speak japanase. I really want to buy this necklace for my Girlfriend's birthday but I don't understand the website T_T

I can translate this page with google :
But i can't translate this one :
Help me please T_T

Sorry for my english i'm not good in english :s

Posted: Nov 6th, '08, 10:37
by zerotableaux

For the example, I have selected this item.

STEP 1: Choose which item you wish to purchase, click the Image button. It means "Add to shopping cart".

NOTE: If your item says Image, it means your item will take approximately 2 weeks to be shipped, as it is not currently in stock and will need to be made.

STEP 2: After add the item to your shopping cart, you will automatically go to the "View shopping cart page". It should look something like this.

: Click Image button to continue shopping, or click the Image to go to checkout.

NOTE: If you wish to delete an item from your cart, click the Image button next to the item you wish to delete.

STEP 4: This is the order form. You can use Google translator to help you complete this, but be aware that this website (like most Japanese websites) will only ship to Japan. If you wish to ship outside Japan, you will need to use a Japan shopping service, or make use of your relatives in Japan. If you order using a relative friend's address in Japan, be aware that the credit card you use for payment will need to be issued in Japan, with a Japanese billing address.

Posted: Jun 18th, '09, 18:26
by lulustars
i found a site thats in english that sells replica's from alot of different dramas including the necklace and its alot cheaper than that japanese store that was selling for like $300 or something like that. this one is only $27 ... drama.html[/url]


Posted: Feb 22nd, '13, 22:55
by 2kwik2can
@ lulustars: Arigatou for sharing this site! I'm gonna go check it out & probably order some replicas! :D

Posted: Feb 23rd, '13, 04:15
by noobs

Posted: Feb 23rd, '13, 22:26
by 2kwik2can
@ noobs: Arigatou! I'll check that out as well! :-)

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 05:37
by YukawaManabu
The Suncraft site is showing me an error URL. Oh well...
Maybe I will just get a replica :D and then I might just get a replica of Tsukasa too :D

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 05:44
by BloomingDesire87

Posted: Jul 7th, '13, 04:11
by YukawaManabu
Wonderful! Thanks so much for the link. It does look really pretty ~