Yoshi: Dear Friends-Rina & Maki

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Yoshi: Dear Friends-Rina & Maki

Post by Tanpoporin » Apr 24th, '07, 02:55

I had not gone to the Yoshi website in a while and when I did I discovered that his story Dear Friends was made into a movie! Has anyone seen this? If so, is it good? Did they change the story around? I watched the preview on the website and it looked like they kept the story the same :cry: I am totally dieing to see it. I am a HUGE "Deep Love" series fan and a few of the "Tenshi" stories.

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Post by kawaiimomo » Apr 24th, '07, 03:05

eh is Dear Friends a fanfic of Rina and Maki or something? where can i read this? can you tell me the website?

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Post by ilurrveniki » Apr 24th, '07, 13:12

If I'm not wrong, this is the movie with "kitagawa keiko" ?

Here's the japanese website:

I havent watched it but if anyone has the torrent and if the subs will be released then I will give it a try!! I watched the trailer and it looks pretty decent!!

Hope that helps!

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