[Movie Discussion] Maison De Himiko

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[Movie Discussion] Maison De Himiko

Post by t3n5h1_chu_k015h173 » May 5th, '06, 19:40

Saori is a young woman who struggles to make a living from her two rather uninspiring jobs. When the handsome young Haruhiko visits her one day her life is injected with some much needed drama. Haruhiko claims to be the boyfriend of her estranged father, Himiko, who now runs a seaside rest home for elderly gays. Hauhiko makes Saori a financial offer she would be stupid to refuse and agrees to go and work at the home.

When Saori arrives at "Maison de Himiko" she is hostile towards all of the residents, especially her father, who is now bedridden and dying of cancer. He abandoned Saori and her mother years ago, changing his name and effectively disappearing. Can Himiko earn his daughter's love and regain her trust? Or will Saori use her father's weakened condition to exact her revenge on him for leaving them to fend for themselves?

Starring an assuredly competent Ko Shibasaki as Saori, Joe Odagiri as the eternally patient Haruhiko and Min Tanaka as Himiko, Maison de Himiko is a touching, bittersweet tale of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation.
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Post by blau » May 5th, '06, 20:07

YATTA ne... I Got this DVD original from my forum maison de himiko :lol this story can be happy, sad and funny I think you guys you will love it not to be annoyed buy it here you can order DVD original if you like he odagiri joe :wub: www.yesasia.com and www.cdjapan.co.jp

I hope you enjoy this movie :wub:

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Post by Crazy Penguin » May 6th, '06, 05:08

It's brilliant.

Kou and Jo have a perfect chemistry. Also it shows the diversity of what Jo can play (he's really one of those who can play anything)

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Post by EMTQueen » May 6th, '06, 13:45

I lust watched this a couple of weeks ago. I liked it, but it seemed to foster the belief that gays were flamboyant and dressed in women's clothing. I think they screwed up between homosexuals, transsexuals, and the transgendered.

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