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Posted: May 3rd, '12, 20:36
by Juneau
daifuku mochi. I cant get it over here, only those frozen stuff and its not half as good as the real thing. Damn I'm really craving for it now :(

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 05:44
by YukawaManabu
I am craving for tonkatsu again. I already had it yesterday for lunch but man, I want to eat it again. Saboten serves the best tonkatsu in town. Do you have this restaurant in your cities?

Also, Japanese curry. But I can make that at home. Tonkatsu, not really. Too time consuming. I am lazy :D

Conbini and Yatai!!!

Posted: Jan 17th, '14, 05:59
by tuku99
Conbini FOOD! I love the food they have there! usually pretty fresh...

i be walking from Shinagawa, at 3 am, and end up in Gotanda, to grab a conbini soba.... sooo good...

I likes me the Yaki onigiri too!

If in Hakata, Hit up the Yatai!

If in Kagoshima City, hit up the Yatai village by the JR station! Good stuff!

:fear: :fear: :fear:

Posted: Sep 13th, '14, 12:49
by doodoofan
I love Japanese sashimi, but I hate natto. It was the nastiest thing I've ever tasted!