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Now that Densha drew the curtain... here's a poll!

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How would you have it if someone somehow decided to milk densha's popularity!

US movie version? like the ring?
A special with densha tv casts?
A 2nd season god knows how it'll go....
For all otakus' sake, leave the bloody diamond alone!!!!!!!!!
Total votes: 140

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Now that Densha drew the curtain... here's a poll!

Post by dome1234 » Sep 24th, '05, 02:15

alright, been one hell of a series, now just maybe... if the company or whoever in charge decided to milk a bit of densha's popularity....

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Post by cmge » Sep 24th, '05, 02:20

ugh.. :x .. the thought of a US version adaptation sends chills to my spine... please please leave it alone!!!!

its bad enough My Sassy Girl is slated for a US adaptation.. >_< ... :glare:

altho i am rooting for the Densha spinoff with Matsunaga... :)

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Post by duk_siew » Sep 24th, '05, 02:35

ya seriously, its already gold, dont ruin it!!

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Post by doink-chan » Sep 24th, '05, 02:44

doinkies hopes the special will be good, so I voted for the special. doinkies doubts somebody would want to make a U.S. version of the movie (although doinkies can see one or even all four of the manga versions, or maybe even the novel, being published in the U.S...especially with stuff like Genshiken coming out here), and there isn't any story left to tell so I doubt they would make a second season, or something stupid like...*barf* "Chikatetsu Otoko" or "Densha Onna" :P

doinkies wonders if maybe an anime version of this story will come out in the future, like with Gokusen.

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Post by DreamCasts » Sep 24th, '05, 02:52

:x :x :x No WaY...Leave it ORIGINAL WAY :x :x
There will nothing to replace it!!
:thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft: KEEP IT TAT WAY!! :thumright: :thumright: :thumleft: :thumright:

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Post by xiaoshenlong » Sep 24th, '05, 03:18

don't ever touch my Densha Otoko

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Post by neokenzo » Sep 24th, '05, 03:28

I agree in leaving it alone. Any other options would just make it worst.

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Post by Tomi » Sep 24th, '05, 03:58

Nothing will ever surpass this! So leave it to be...

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Post by koolaid » Sep 24th, '05, 04:10

After watching this, I have to say there is only one Densha and one Hermes and they have already finished their story.....

For that reason I would probably not watch the movie version that is already out.

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Post by miaceres » Sep 24th, '05, 04:13

leave and let leave. it was perfect as it is. I wouldn't want anyone to interrupt this story. As we all saw with the ring and dark water, US adaptations are horrible. Leave Densha Alone!!

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Post by kinki » Sep 24th, '05, 07:17

i would say, leave it alone! its already a good drama!! :wub:

i wonder if Hollywood decided to make a movie out of it, how will it be? urgh! i cant even imagine it! :glare: :glare:

the drama was so fuuny and pure, i dont think US can produce somethg like it! :glare:

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Post by ~Adam~ » Sep 24th, '05, 07:32

Id Like a special.

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Post by nikochanr3 » Sep 24th, '05, 14:20

cmge, the MY SASSY GIRL US adaption is far from certain...id say its closer to dead than alive. warners rights on it elapse soon too, so who know

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Post by doink-chan » Sep 24th, '05, 14:40

I think it would be too hard to make a U.S. movie out of Densha Otoko...for one thing there's nothing like 2ch...there's lots of smaller boards but nothing as big as 2ch.

As I said, though, doinkies bets someone will license one or all four of the manga adaptations that are out there for it, or maybe even publish the novel.

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Post by Gwendel » Sep 24th, '05, 15:18

doink-chan wrote:I think it would be too hard to make a U.S. movie out of Densha Otoko...for one thing there's nothing like 2ch...there's lots of smaller boards but nothing as big as 2ch.
US Version: Live Journal Man :crazy:

(I voted to leave it be, although I'd be up for a special if it was something more interesting than just a collection of show clips :-) Maybe a making of or commentary.... )

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Post by Lowest » Sep 24th, '05, 15:21

For all otakus' sake, leave the bloody diamond alone!!!!!!!!! :D

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Post by Rysuke » Sep 24th, '05, 20:21

yeah... leave this dorama alone... I dont want it ruined by Hollywood casue the remakes they produce sucks badly

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Post by Yoroshiku » Sep 24th, '05, 20:23

is movie version just a summary of whole TV?

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Post by mikomi » Sep 25th, '05, 01:56

US movie version? like the ring? NO WAY!!! I can't imagine American actors acting out those characters, it's just... weird o.0;

A special with densha tv casts? Sounds good, I'd love to see more of the supporting casts, like more interviews and such. They're very endearing and interesting characters, I love all of them ^___^

A 2nd season god knows how it'll go.... Bad idea. The story is completed very nicely. Plus, the sequels are never as good as the original.

So the bottomline is, I say, leave it alone. It's good the way it is, even though I'm sad I have to part with this drama, I think the ending is approriate.

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Post by Akiramike » Sep 25th, '05, 05:10

Yoroshiku wrote:is movie version just a summary of whole TV?
The movie version came out before the dorama series and has a different cast. It has a more 'realistic tone' but I don't think anyone who has seen the dorama would enjoy the movie that much. (Kinda like watching Sekachu movie after the dorama)

I found the movie ok since it was different from the series but others may find it boring.

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Post by Caspian » Sep 25th, '05, 05:28

Leave it alone, I mean, I want more people to see it. But don't change it a bit, just publicize it more =D

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Post by Schala » Sep 26th, '05, 03:45

Remakes are never good. I thought The Ring was really scary, but then I watched the original, and I thought Sadako was even creepier than Samara. There's so much more behind Ringu than there is to The Ring....

I hope they don't remake Densha Otoko. I doubt they will too, since it's about an otaku, and that's not that widely common in the U.S. If they did something similiar, maybe the anime otaku would change to say, a Star Wars otaku? ^^0 Haha. Or maybe a Star Trek otaku? Something perceived as equally "nerdy" as anime otaku in Japan.

But either way, I've given up on American remakes of Japanese movies. They never compare to the original.

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Post by doink-chan » Sep 26th, '05, 03:52

I don't think the real Densha ever said what kind of an otaku he was. In one of the manga versions he was more of a computer otaku than an anime otaku.

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Post by kljs » Sep 26th, '05, 04:08

For all otakus' sake, leave the bloody diamond alone!!!!!!!!!

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Post by crossing_by » Sep 26th, '05, 04:21

yeaaah ....
dont make it into another sappy drama ...
leave it like that
and will remember all my life


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Post by DocQ » Oct 2nd, '05, 05:13

I don't think any remake will be as funny and memorable as the original. It would be close to impossible to reproduce the laughs that Densha provided so let's not ruin a good thing.

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Post by JadedAngel » Oct 2nd, '05, 05:15

I say leave it be. Why mess with a good thing? It'll run it in the ground. :crazy:

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Post by fearspooky » Oct 2nd, '05, 05:21

US will screw it up. keep it as is :P

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Post by kali4niaguy » Oct 2nd, '05, 08:36

the best thing would be to leave it as is! but if Hollywood does do a remake, they'd probably do it in New York because not many other big cities in the U.S. has that kind of subway system! the guy could be an IT guy doing some kind of tech support and the girl is an heiress that works at an antique China shop! :D

I watched the movie without subs, and I didn't like it. not because it didn't have subs, but I skimmed through it and the Densha Otoko in the movie didn't do a good job. Hermes wasn't as cute as the one in the drama and I don't think she did a good job either. the movie went too fast for me even though I didn't understand what they were saying. :-)

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Post by Sana » Oct 2nd, '05, 14:32

It should be remade into a US version. Jim Carrey will play Densha Otoko (aka Subway Samaritan) and Angelina Jolie will be Hermes and indeed it will be set in NY. On the way home, Hermes will be harassed by a minority (probably someone Black or Puerto Rican). Instead of meekly trying to stop the offender, this Densha Ototo will be carrying heat. He tazers the pervert's ass and after doing so, Densha Otolo takes a picture with his camera phone so he can put it on his blog. Of course from then on, the US version will follow more or less the J-drama version except:

1. There'll be more explosions
2. Asians MUST speak with an accent
3. Benoist = Lipton

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Post by mallepa » Oct 2nd, '05, 14:47

I didn't watch it, but if it's as good as everyone says it is, it's best to just leave it alone ^-^ Leave people with good memories, not bad ones about "sequels" or "US adaptations" and whatnot @.@

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Post by U-Brazza » Oct 3rd, '05, 16:07

I cant imagine, what could be more heartbreaking than this season ;-)
so just leave it in the old way

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Post by Felguard » Oct 3rd, '05, 20:49

i'd like a second season!!

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Post by spacecommand » Oct 3rd, '05, 21:01

Leave the bloody thing alone, we don't need hollywood coming and in screwing things up like they always do.

I also disagree with someone who said that if remade it has to take place in New York because of its subway system, in realtiy most of the show wasn't even near a train. There are other limitations that would have to be overcome, like akihabara like place etc, and I really doubt they'll remake it.

Just leave it alone.

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Post by doink-chan » Oct 3rd, '05, 23:25

And even if they DO try to remake it, there's always a guarantee that it might not get made and spend eons in development hell like the My Sassy Girl remake. (Actually, I heard that some J-drama producer is trying to make a J-drama remake of that movie.) For that matter, if a remake comes out, it doesn't mean that the original is just going to disappear either. Like I said earlier in this thread, rather than remake the movie, doinkies thinks that someone will try to license one of the manga adaptations or perhaps all four of them will come out in the U.S. Someone may even try to license the novel, because licensing novels is getting more and more popular. doinkies would be a happy doink if someone brought over one of the manga (preferably Hara Hidenori's version).

Or maybe someone will make an anime version of this story, like with Gokusen, and the anime will get licensed, in fact, maybe someone like Media Blasters that releases live-action stuff as well as anime will try to license the movie or even the J-drama. The J-drama version will probably be licensed when donkeys fly, though...doinkies imagines that the music rights are really hard to get and I wouldn't want them to replace all the Western music with a doinky instrumental like Fujisankei did. The movie might be easier to get...

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Post by Yukster » Oct 4th, '05, 02:35

Actually, if they made a US remake, it should be in the Bay Area. Instead of having Akihabara and Akiba-kei people, they could feature the lives of computer geeks who visit Frys Electronics/Central Computers/User Side/SF J-Town. The computer geek could come to the rescue to some up-town girl who goes to Stanford, maybe on the CalTrain. He could ask for advice on one of those tech forum boards, like Sharky Extreme, or Anand's forum or Head-fi.

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Post by smellybeans » Oct 4th, '05, 04:09

Hollywood just screws everything up.
I'd say leave the drama as it is! :)

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Post by doink-chan » Oct 4th, '05, 04:22

Come to think of it, the Hara Hidenori manga had Densha be more of a computer otaku than an anime otaku. Everything else Densha has him as an anime otaku, though. doinkies doesn't think the real Densha ever said what kind of an otaku he was, but since he's an Akiba-kei otaku, the producers of the J-drama/movie/the three other manga immediately thought Akiba-kei=anime otaku. XD

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Post by furi_kuri » Oct 4th, '05, 04:35

I Can't think of anythiing else than staying as OTAKU! I don't want to think of what americans may call it!... lol probably Hollywood actress and Guy addicted to MMORPG's.

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Post by ShadowVlican » Oct 4th, '05, 04:49


can't wait for the special ><

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Post by DareDesuKa » Nov 23rd, '05, 14:32

As for second season, didn't anyone else think the broken heart club at the end could make a funny spinoff second season?

I can't say I've heard of many spin offs on Japanese TV though, Japan likes to remake a tweaked story and ignore it's similar to the original, or just do a full on remake/sequel season.

I for one would love another series with the same pacing and humor as the Densha Otoko drama... even if they changed the focus. I doubt it'd be as popular, everyone I talk to in Japan at least knows of the drama, a lot of them have seen some or all of it...

But a second season focusing on densha and hermes would ruin it, please no!

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Post by godmode » Nov 23rd, '05, 15:33

A spinoff with Jinkama and her love life XD
<3 Jinkama

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