Karaoke Machine Reccomendations?

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Karaoke Machine Reccomendations?

Post by koonchu » Dec 24th, '15, 00:26

Hello All!

I'm looking to buy a Karaoke machine.

I once saw one at this Korean-owned bar. It had soft-porn in the background, tons of music, a remote-controller, and a huge book of songs. It also had a SCORE given to singers after their round was over. It had both Japanese, Korean and English songs!

I have saved up $500 to buy something like this. Are there any reputable dealers? Any good sites? Any suggestions?

Any leads and advice would be welcome!

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Re: Karaoke Machine Reccomendations?

Post by tandex » Feb 2nd, '16, 00:09

Try Joysound: http://living.joysound.com/ps3/

https://store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/ ... ND000001DL

It has personal and national scoring.

Depending on the platform, you get around 100,000 songs available.
You pay for the time, which is very reasonable.
300円 - $3 for 1 day
1000円 - $10 for 20 days

Songs are mostly in Japanese, with a fair selection of English.
You'll need basic Japanese skills to navigate the interface.

No content is stored on your system, instead it streams the music / lyrics and video. You'll need a decent internet connection, otherwise it stutters.

The prior version of Joysound (Dive) was region coded, but apparently the current version is region free.
I purchased a Japanese region PS3, and created a Japanese PSN account.
I had issues adding credit through PSN, so I purchased PSN prepaid card through solarisjapan.

I've also heard about DAM for xbox, but never tried it.
http://www.xbox.com/ja-JP/entertainment ... e-apps/DAM

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