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Kuroshitsuji The Movie - Content Advisory?

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Kuroshitsuji The Movie - Content Advisory?

Post by anolibb » Jun 19th, '14, 10:04

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether this movie is gory. I'm a bit sensitive to contents, and I had a massive shock after trying "Brain Man". I managed to get past the first gory bit in the first five minutes or so, but
the eye bit in the prison
made me unable to finish the movie.

Is Black Butler very bad? Can someone write me a content advisory? in spoiler tags of course

I always read the content advisory for US movies before I watch them but it's hard to find them for j-movies. So I am not fussed about knowing spoilers, I just really don't want that shocker that I had with Brain Man... :idea:


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Post by Pantheria » Jun 19th, '14, 11:24

Hi. I just saw this yesterday. I din't think it was that gory & I don't really like gory stuff at all. I'm not super sensitive to it though but I tend to shy away during operations & excessive blood & especially when there is mutilations etc.

There are a few bits that are sort of gross with blood showing & people suffering. It's hard to say without giving too much away. If you want me to go into more details feel free to PM me.

The movie itself is alright. Not amazing though. At least I don't think so. Here's what I said on my MDL about it. I haven't actually seen much of the Anime either but I do plan on watching it fully at some point.

"Mostly just a forgetful piece of entertainment! Ok if you have a bit of time to spare. Only good thing about this was Mizushima Hiro, the fighting scenes, music & some of the cinematography. Everything else was predictable, the costumes were average & Gouriki Ayame really can't act."

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Post by fictionalistic » Jul 7th, '14, 03:29

That's very helpful as I was wondering about that, too! (:

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