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Great Teacher Onizuka Taiwan Mini Series

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Great Teacher Onizuka Taiwan Mini Series

Post by Taichi11Yagami » Mar 23rd, '14, 08:09


GTO is making its way to Taiwan, with a mini-series. The miniseries is said to be streaming on Crunchyroll for premium members, and also airing in GTV Taiwan.
The pilot episode of the mini-series has been already aired yesterday, March 22. A pre-release video of the series is on YouTube:
-- (Uploaded by GTV Eight TV Taiwan)

In GTO Taiwan, EXILE dance/vocal group member Akira is returning with a four-episode mini-series shot on location in Taiwan. Akira reprises his role as Onizuka, a former gang member who becomes a "legendary" unorthodox teacher. Joining Akira are 28-year-old Yuu Shirota as Onizuka's old friend Ryūji Danma and 26-year-old Yūsuke Yamamoto as Onizuka's policeman friend Toshiyuki Saejima. Taiwanese actors such as Genie Chuo (as a female teacher and heroine), SpeXial band members Hong Zheng and Wei Jin, Lele Cheng, and Han round out the cast.

I'm just a member here at D-Addicts with not more enough knowledge about how things work here. So I would like to ask if this mini-series will get to be uploaded in here. I'm not asking uploaders to upload this. I just want to ask if uploading this series here will be okay, so that I can hope enough that I can get to watch it. You know, I am really a fan of GTO. But I just CAN'T register to a free 14-day trial to crunchyroll, because of a required credit account. I'm just a mere student. :D
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Post by SquallAdv » Mar 30th, '14, 10:47

GTO in Taiwan? :lol Looking forward to this! SUPER MUST WATCH! \(^0^)/

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Post by mikilove13 » Mar 30th, '14, 11:01

It seems it'll be free for non premium users over time. The first two episodes are already up for free users.

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Post by Taichi11Yagami » Mar 31st, '14, 06:09

Really thank you for that news. I checked the site yesterday but unfortunately GTO Taiwan cannot be viewed in our region due to region restrictions. It was so sad! :( But I figured something out, and used a Canadian proxy server. And it worked! :D The first two episodes were already up there for FREE users.

For those who want to watch: http://www.crunchyroll.ca/gto-taiwan/episode-1-651507

The third and fourth episode will be up for FREE users on April 5, 2014.

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Post by humanerror » Apr 4th, '14, 22:33

Thanks for the intel. Watched the first two episodes and they weren't bad.

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Post by jinzhi » Apr 5th, '14, 02:15

thanks, sohu has the streaming video, use goggle chrome with unblock youku plugin can watch it.

ep 1

ep 2

ep 3 & 4

i read that this has a part 2 series coming in july, not sure.

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Post by fictionalistic » Jul 7th, '14, 03:40

I'm excited to start this mini series! Thanks for the head's up!

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Post by Bushwick2002 » Jul 28th, '14, 23:20

So many GTO epidoes :) I heard GTO Season 2 just came out.

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Post by fictionalistic » Jul 28th, '14, 23:35

That's so exciting! Can't wait to start on season 2.

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Post by vie.anplixfz » Aug 2nd, '14, 18:55

Anyone has got english subtitles, please share me :)

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Post by doodoofan » Sep 1st, '14, 09:05

I like the old drama, it's really funny. I'll give the new one a try.

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