Your Favorite Yatai experience

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Your Favorite Yatai experience

Post by tuku99 » Jan 17th, '14, 06:26

Where, What, How, Why, Who

Where was it?

What was it?

How was it?

Why did you happen to come upon it?

Who were you with and Who was there?

Let's hear some good ones!

Here's mine to start off...

A couple years ago, went out to Hakata for the first time, so everyone was like... You have to try the Yatais... HUH? What's that??

Yatai, is, simply, a food stall.. in Japan, most municipalities have certain laws regarding their hours, operation, etc... Hakata is most famous for their Yatai, either by the river or city center, well, in Japan, rivers seem to always be closeby...

Here goes, went to a Yatai to the river by myself. I picked one that seemed to be popular, the vendors will always call out greetings and brush off the stool to welcome you. It's up to you to courage up to the seat. The were some fair maidens, so I sallied forth. I started to order, a big bottle of Ashai Super Dry Beer, a nice sized Daikon Oden with mustard smeared to the tip of the bowl, their special bowl of ramen, a couple of sticks of yakitori, well more than a couple, a rather large assortment. Asked for the extra noodles for the Ramen. Most of the items had cleared as well as the fair maidens, when a couple of Salary Men came in and sat next to me. An older sempai and his eager Kohai, suddenly the Sempai busts out some Engrish, which was pretty good to impress his Kohai. Apparentty, he had been stationed out stateside for a stint.

So, I let him bust out and impress his Kohai by having a general conversation about the US and certain cities and locales. We got in the age game, and Ithe Sempai was older than me, so I called him Sempai! He was real thrilled when he heard that, and ordered another round of beers, Who was I to refuse.... We continued for a bit, After some more beers, and ramens that they ordered, they stepped away to leave, The sempai Salary man, waves some bills and points to me. I think he though I had only ordered a ramen and a beer, BUT you know better.... He waved about a 5000 Yen note, he said since I was his Kohai, from "another country" he HAD to pay! But, the Yatai vendor, told him, that wasn't enough.... Man, I think he couldn't back down in front of his Kohai Salaryman from work and brought out the 10,000 yen note and paid for me!!! They were smiling and grinning after that.

It was some good grub!! And it was FREE!!

I never saw them again. I doubt, I ever will but, that was a great yatai experience, and my first or second one!!! I think, they both had a tale they could tell at the office with that one too!

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Re: Your Favorite Yatai experience

Post by jacky321 » Dec 4th, '15, 03:50

Well Buddy, I have no ideal about Yatai but after reading your post I can see that it is a nice place for food lovers. I and my Childhood friend are big lover of food and I think this is an ideal place for me. After getting the great information, I am curious to go there in the next month. Can you tell me which be the best time to go there?

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