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Two blogs with old photos 1860-1930

Talk about the culture and entertainment from Nihon.
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Two blogs with old photos 1860-1930

Post by Keiko1981 » Aug 16th, '13, 22:39

First blog is this one who have photos from Japan (1860-1930)

Second blog is focusing on 1860-1930 (Meiji, Taisho, early Showa period) http://www.meijishowa.com/
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Post by isabelh2o2 » Aug 17th, '13, 02:07

Thanks for those links, Keiko, very interesting. There was one photo on the meijishowa site that looked like a scene from Jin, the place he used to sit and look over the city.

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Post by SG-13 » Aug 17th, '13, 21:00

Thanks a lot, Keiko. Interesting blogs with awesome documents. :thumright:

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Post by SummeryDreams » Aug 18th, '13, 04:50

Interesting blog! That picture is 100 years older than we are, if you have the original copy of that, you can sell it for good. xD It's considered vintage, like super vintage, I guess?

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Post by y0ssy » Sep 12th, '13, 14:17

Thank you for the interesting links, Keiko. :-)

Here are some old photos of Asakusa about 1920 which was around the time when Oshin went to Tokyo (Asakusa) during her hair-dressing apprentice days.

Another blogger with old photos of Tokyo during the Showa times making a sort of comparison to modern times.
http://www.dannychoo.com/en/post/21873/ ... hotos.html

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Post by tuku99 » Jan 17th, '14, 05:34

Thanks! For those links!

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Post by rootabega » Jan 17th, '14, 05:40

I love old photos of Japan. I bought some ancient postcards at a temple flea market, and I treasure them. Thanks for the links.

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Now, I see....

Post by tuku99 » Jan 17th, '14, 06:01

Man, shoulda done that too, was at a shrine sunday "sort of community sale", but I didn't think I could take any of those things past Customs.....

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