Which J-drama is that? [YT LINK]

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Which J-drama is that? [YT LINK]

Post by dainax » Dec 26th, '12, 16:42

I am searching for a j-drama I found in an YT video. It's the one at 1:02-1:03 (or just so you don't get the wrong one, 1:13.)
The man in glasses is Akai Hidekazu and I think the girl is Miyazawa Aoi, but I'm not sure. Can you please tell me what drama is that?

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Post by calimerina » Dec 31st, '12, 20:50

Probably: Fure Fure Jinsei http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Fure_Fure_Jinsei
the woman is Matsushita Yuki

oh and she's Aoi Miyazaki not miyazawa
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