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Is that possible to watch Japanese Television (Like NHK)...

Posted: Mar 11th, '12, 14:29
by charlietan84
Hello people,

I have a question. Is that possible to watch Japanese Television online when you are inside Japan? I mean while residing in Japan?

Thank you very much

Posted: Apr 5th, '12, 00:53
by Peggy
I just googled this and it may be of help.

Posted: May 3rd, '12, 20:38
by Juneau
NHK world is english spoken and available thru satellite in europe, maybe america as well, dunno. They actually show stuff from japan. Daily News, and some travel reports.

Posted: May 20th, '12, 17:41
by ikariya
Unless you have access to a 1-seg phone/device or host your own tv server, you'll have to use the same things as people oversea.

Posted: May 20th, '12, 21:28
by Peggy
I have two NHK TV channels here in California. I pay for one and the other is provided by Cox Cable Co. they show lots of Japanese shows and one is with many programmes in English, including very good news shows.
I saw Music station last night with SMAP appearing and singing their latest single. It is hosted by Tamori.

Posted: May 20th, '12, 22:03
by manoarain808
Yes, it is possible. Not only NHK but also other live Japan broadcasts such as TBS, Fuji, NTV, etc. Quality of stream isn't great, but it is live. You can use "Keyhole TV" on your computer or mobile device and it is free. Just google it. Msg me if you got questions about it.