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Is Rainbow Romance(Nonstop 2-6) available on DVD?

Posted: Dec 3rd, '08, 06:29
by rydangel
Does anyone know if rainbow romance/nonstop series is for sale on dvd with english subtitles, preferably a legitimate copy? if so where can i buy it and how much is it? :-)

Posted: Jan 8th, '09, 13:13
by bjharm
I been on the look out for nonstop 2 there seem a chinese version and a japanese one but no English

nonstop 5 dvd

Posted: Apr 1st, '09, 09:33
by sistergirl
where can i get the dvd?

Posted: Jul 27th, '09, 10:34
by bjharm
you can find the nonstop 2 with chinese or Japanese subs just do a google search and pick one online dvd seller