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$5 coupon & up to 50% off YesAsia Kdrama

Posted: Mar 8th, '07, 07:42
by Ruroshin
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Korean TV Drama DVDs - US$5 OFF Coupon! ... Index.aspx

Hottest Korean TV Drama DVDs are now available at up to 50% off their regular prices!

Coupon details: US$5 coupon when purchasing Korean TV drama items. Every customer can use once.
How to use: Simply enter the enclosed Coupon Code in the appropriate field during the checkout process, and US$5 will be deducted from the total order amount.
Coupon Code: ASSKTV07
Coupon Expiration Date: March 31, 2007 (Hong Kong time)
Restrictions: Only valid for purchase through US site

Posted: Mar 16th, '07, 10:05
by endoftime
Do you think that they also sell the subbed versions in Korea at a cheaper rate than YesAsia since it's in-country, or probably not? I'm probably going to Seoul within the next year...

I can't believe I'd even consider it, since I don't buy US sets above $40. *laughs*
(I still remember when you could get them for $30 the week they came out..*le sigh*)


Posted: Nov 12th, '10, 07:20
by angeline12
I have seen many Korean movies and I saw the movie that I wanted to watch since before it was released. I saw the Korean movie "Closer to Heaven" and I wanted to get a copy of it. I have a coupon and I think I can use it so that I can now get the movie that I love!