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FREE Streaming Chinese TV

Discuss Chinese TV Variety, Game, Music and any other TV shows that is not drama.
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Post by pr1nc355sp4rk13 » Jan 19th, '06, 15:10

thanks..my dad would prolly like this..not that i am going to tell him though :P

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Post by ricegyrl » Jan 20th, '06, 17:08

Can anyone watch TVB on Mysee? When I click on it it gives me a message saying, "This channel has finished. Thank you for your watching."

Does that happen in the morning all the time?

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Post by clement » Feb 10th, '06, 08:46

is it suppose to be view through a webpage ? cause i thought it was a program ?

Never mind, didnt open Media Player
Anyway my menu is all in weird characters, i have no idea which one is Channel V out of 15 channels in 3 different categories O.o

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Post by tee668w » Feb 10th, '06, 10:33

ricegyrl wrote:Can anyone watch TVB on Mysee? When I click on it it gives me a message saying, "This channel has finished. Thank you for your watching."

Does that happen in the morning all the time?
can anyone tell me which one is tvb,, i can`t read chinese but i can understand it)

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Post by ahong » Feb 10th, '06, 17:05

are there any hidden costs to this cos it says its shareware. where as free software is freeware

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Post by dan12 » Feb 10th, '06, 18:12

umm i tried watching korea tv stations through the site wwiTV.com but i just would work through window media any suggestions??

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Post by dreamyneece » Feb 10th, '06, 18:23

This is definitely a very great site for those who doesnt like to wait too long for movie downloadings or series, the recent ones are often on diffusion all day, so let us time to watch it.

So Anyone know more sites liek PPlive?? Like american streamings? and how abt TVB? since pplive doesnt seem to have this channel!

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Post by wingli » Feb 11th, '06, 21:15

can someone tell me how to see tvb channel from my ssee? like people how to guide to download something from clubbox because i can just see a few characters in chinese ....

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Post by ahong » Feb 11th, '06, 21:20

where are the chinese characters, give me the link plz?

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Re: Watch streaming channels online

Post by wingli » Feb 12th, '06, 14:23

nlayhua wrote:Hi, i would like to recommend this website that can watch tvb series, game tv, channel V, ESPN, HBO etc..The website is in chinese. You need to install a software. It is like P2P like pplive.



install software


need window player 9 and above.

just started using not sure is it good. Anybody here download tell me is it good?

this website ^^

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Before I try this...

Post by darkangst » Feb 12th, '06, 14:50

Is this in cantonese or mandarin?

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PPLive Streaming Video Crashes My Computers and CCTV-4

Post by tjam » Nov 15th, '06, 16:15

I have submitted this below quote to General Support Forum, but I guess I might get some answers from people here too. I’d specially like to watch CCTV-4 and Chinese Discovery that are on pplive. What other ways there are to watch those channels if I can’t get this pplive thingy working properly on my computers?

"Have been trying to use PPLive but it BSOD crashes my computers. My old notebook (with limited memory) and newer dualcore desktop both are stable windowsxp always-on machines with no overheating problems. The notebook crashes during the first hour of running, the desktop generally crashes later but has never run more than 30 hours before bluescreening. Tried to download the latest version of the software but no difference.

Other streaming video players like Sopcast and Tuiplayer run with no problems for ever but I find the program choice lacking on those so I want to have PPLive.

In general people seem to think that it is a good program so one wonders if my two main machines are the only ones around that can’t run pplive. I run za security suite but other than that I use only general software that should not cause conflicts with anything.

Anybody else experiencing similar problems with PPLive?"

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Post by AZnThAi » Jan 18th, '07, 12:24

4 all people here ive gt an question !;

when you use this program , can you record the stream??

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Post by hunterkirualeorio » Jan 28th, '07, 13:09

woah this is not bad
the quality is better than i expected

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Post by loveless_soul » Mar 29th, '07, 03:55

i don't know how to read chinese.. (cuz i`m not chinese >_<)
seem like people are saying they're wonderful but i don't even know how to use it in the first place =.=

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Post by semid » Apr 30th, '07, 05:57

Does anybody know how to get sound for tvants? I'm getting picture but no audio

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Post by gallant84 » Jun 4th, '07, 13:44

wow... this is really nice.. i cant stop watching!!

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Post by sasuuke188 » Jul 19th, '07, 06:30

OK I DON"T GET IT.. PPLIVE IT SAYS CONNECTIOn STOPPED!??! HOW DO I FIX.. and for mysee tv.. i can't even get it to work.. help please.. and how to tune into tvb channels

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Re: sasuuke188

Post by BeNaX » Jul 22nd, '07, 23:52

Dear sasuuke188,

as you said you can't log into PPLIVE channel please check the firewall program if you have in your system. Then configure to allow your system to access thru PPLIVE..

til here..

BeNaX :D

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Post by DTLCT » Jul 26th, '07, 02:44

It works! Thanks for the link! :lol 8)

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Post by unkn0wn » Jul 27th, '07, 15:02

Thxxxx for the post Som1 know how i can find Tvb of Canto Channels?


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