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Talkshow called 'The Live show'

Posted: Feb 4th, '10, 09:15
by Peggy
Can anyone help please?

I am trying to find out the full name and bio of an MC and host of the show called 'The Live Show' . It appears at night around eleven to midnight. His name is Seo Sa something.

I remember him interviewing the cast of Winter Sonata when they were on location at the house that was used as the design of BYJ in the drama..

He used to have a variety show on TV at that time as well and it was rather a raucous type show.

I did not like him much and don't like him now for some reason. He wears large dark rimmed glasses and has an abundance of teeth. Back then around 2006 I think there was a scandal which sent him scuttling off to Hong Kong and nothing has been heard about him until this very recent show.

I am being curious because I wonder how he got back on TV.

Thanks if you know.


Posted: Feb 8th, '10, 05:13
by Peggy
This MC's name is Seo Sae Won. It seems there is nothing to be found about him even tho he is back on TV. The people he is now having on his talk and interview show are unknown to me. I do not know if they are actors or if they are stage actors who usually do not appear in TV.
I am simply curious