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Banjun Dramas

Posted: Feb 5th, '07, 17:39
by kelalavue
Does anyone know where i can download Banjun Dramas?--------------------->sorrie if this the the wrong place to post........i dont now where elso to put it. :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 14:49
by Rajibu
I want those too!! I only got those of Minwoo and Junjin and one of Bi ...


Posted: Apr 3rd, '07, 00:36
by meera looking 4 them 2....

Posted: May 17th, '07, 13:21
by Rasckita
i'm looking for the banjun dramas for download too!

I only found them on youtube...

And does anyone knows were i can find episode guide of it???

Posted: Jun 28th, '07, 14:12
by maria_hpm
Hi guys
You can DBSK's banjun dramas on Veoh or They are very funny and are english subbed.Have a nice day!

Posted: Jun 28th, '07, 14:15
by maria_hpm
Hi guys
You can watch and dowload DBSK's banjun dramas on Veoh or They are very funny and are english subbed.Have a nice day!

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 07:10
by miyukigrg
is this drama good?i heard tvxq starred in this i right ?

Banjun Dramas on YouTube

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 13:12
by 0rchid
Hey all,

Banjun Dramas (Reverse Dramas) are really funny. I used to watch them on YouTube a lot. But nowadays, some of the dramas uploaded on YouTube have been removed.

Eric Banjun Drama (1/3)

Rain Banjun Drama

Eric & Han Ji Hye Banjun--Photographer Part 1

~ Orchid ~
:wub: :wub:

Posted: Nov 21st, '07, 07:48
by nanorie
Oh, I have been wanting to see those! I have just seen DBSK's episodes...
Dangerous Love with Jaejoong and Yunho still cracks me up. :D

Posted: Apr 4th, '09, 05:42
by jiejunwoo

I don't know if anyone is watching this thread or still wants Banjun dramas, but i am currently uploading all of the ones i have to the aja-aja site and working on the page in the drama wiki here with the listings of who is in each one, songs used, summeries etc

i have about 90% of the dramas

i hope everyone enjoys ;)

Posted: Apr 4th, '09, 09:14
by Rajibu

jiejunwoo, where can I find the stuff :O =DD

Posted: Apr 4th, '09, 09:27
by jiejunwoo
I have added the links to my signature. I don't have subs for them, but i hope by making them more available they could get picked up - i would be willing to time things :) but first i need to get all the wiki work done :)

Posted: May 3rd, '09, 01:44
by kikuyu18

hmmm... I've watched some tvxq dramas...
its really fun to watch....

especially... the dangerous love part.... it features yunjae....


love tvxq banjun dramas....