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Heroine 6 Funny Show

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 09:38
by claudiaitaliana
Since the last summer holiday I was watching a show called "Heroine 6" :wub:


"This show airs every Sunday night on KBS2 as part of the Happy Sunday segment.
This variety show has a school theme, where male celebrity guests come and firstly try to partner with the heroines of their choice, through dance (usually) or special performances. Should more than 1 male choose the same heroine, then they battle it out to win their girl. This is where it's most funny, as they have to do the most bizarre things, like role plays, singing, etc.. Afterwards, they play two very original games: "Catch the Mouse" and "Dibidibidip". You'll be guarunteed to burst out in laughter watching these games, seeing the losers get punished, etc.. To understand how the games work, look at the rules below." (From Soompi Forum) :-)

It is a really funny show it will be nice to upload such a good show with English Subtitle because when I usually watch it in tv there is no English subtitle and I would like to know every single word they say :wub:
These are some clips for the show enjoy :salut:

Posted: Apr 25th, '07, 00:18
by meera
hoho..yeah i watched em b4 a couple of times...
it was really funny....
luv d ep which dbsk was in....

Posted: Jun 26th, '07, 20:14
by EpikLow
Heroine 6 is sooooooo cute!! did you all see the episode where Brian gets kissed by that scary lady? lolz sooooo funny!! except poor brian and tablo get hurt when their getitng their noses pulled.. aww i wanted to hug em lolz