NHK The Songwriters

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NHK The Songwriters

Post by jpkuelho » Oct 1st, '11, 17:14

I happened to get to watch one episode of this show
and I loved it

but I can't find new episodes anywhere, does anyone have any idea where I could get it?

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Post by ps790 » Feb 4th, '12, 04:45

Shows on NHK are available throughout the world, including the arctic, antarctic, middle of the Gobi desert, etc. on International NHK. All you need is to get a suitable receiver and point a large enough antenna at the appropriate satellite.

Alternatively, it is available on NHK premieum in N. America, Europe, etc., but you pay a subsctiption fee.

Alternatively, it is available on NHK On-demand as streaming video, but you've got to pay a monthly fee (about $13 US per mo. at present exchange rate) and probably need to use (rent) a proxy server to make it look like you are located in Japan.

Finally, an ultra low quality video feed is available via Keyhole TV, but only when the program is broadcast live in Japan.

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