Tameshite Gatten!

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Tameshite Gatten!

Post by musasho » Aug 31st, '11, 05:13

There are so many great drama's/TV shows around.

It's been years since I watched Tameshite Gatten! I understand it is still airing.

A search of d-addicts turned up no topics, and a search on Google turns up no files or even streaming videos that I could find.

Does anyone else here shares my love for this show? Any if anyone happens to come across a way to watch any episodes (past or present) please let us all know!



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Post by v(^-^) » Sep 23rd, '11, 02:15

I really like this long-running show.
It's informative and entertaining. I'd love to watch any episodes too!

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Post by ps790 » Feb 1st, '12, 01:30

It is available throughout the world, including the arctic, antarctic, middle of the Gobi desert, etc. on International NHK. All you need is to get a suitable receiver and point a large enough antenna at the appropriate satellite.

Alternatively, it is available on NHK premieum in N. America, Europe, etc., but you pay a subsctiption fee.

Alternatively, it is available on NHK On-demand as streaming video, but you've got to pay a monthly fee (about $13 US per mo. at present exchange rate) and probably need to use (rent) a proxy server to make it look like you are located in Japan.

Finally, a ultra low quality video feed is available via Keyhole TV, but only when the program is broadcast live in Japan.

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Post by ps790 » Mar 22nd, '12, 00:43

Also, some Tameshite Gatten episodes are on the usual Chinese WWW sites, like Youku (soku.com). I suggest doing the keyword search and then shorting by newest to oldest, and then bookmarking the page. Return every month or so to see if a new episode has been posted.

As you have seen many times here, Youku files can also be easily downloaded since the streaming video is really 4 to 7 minutes segments as mp4 or flv files written to a temporary buffer (they get erased after 3 or segments more have been downloaded, depending on the flash viewer buffer size), so you can readily watch the mp4 or flv segments appear one by one using Windows Explorer, copy them to another location, and then paste them together later to recreate the Youku video. The quality of the video is all over the map. Some is rather good, but others are rather low resolution and/or 15 fps. Be sure to post the better programs here at D-Addicts. It is really unfortunate that such a small percentage of users actually post anything. Sources like Youku allow people to find and upload material that hasn't yet appeared anywhere as torrents, even if they don't live in Japan. For example, Youku has a fairly good selection of NHK special programs on all kinds of interesting subjects.

http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_&#12 ... _orderby_2

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Post by anzu23 » May 5th, '12, 19:49

thanks for the helpful information, ps790!
would be great to have more stuff like Tameshite Gatten, Jounetsu tairiku, etc. at d-addicts... (I keep seeding what I have, but a lot of torrents seem to be dead)

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