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[Discussion] London Hearts Variety Show Summaries & Syno

Posted: May 25th, '05, 08:19
by minimalistix
Firstly I am not Japanese and my ability to understand it is not brilliant so there may be some mistakes and some parts i cannot translate. If you would like me to correct something please messeage me and i will. If you just wish to complain about something feel free to, but i don't see that there is any point.

Secondly this is only a summary, not word for word translations so somethings will be left out if they are not really that important or are too hard for me to translate.

Lastly there will be no set times when i will post other summaries. I will post them whenever i get to them.

???= I dont know
(b) = bad reason


Summaries Link


London Hearts can be found on our d-addicts' tracker by following this link: ... ype=&sort=


(added by jholic:)
any softsubs for london hearts' episodes can be found here:

London Hearts 2005.5.17

Posted: May 25th, '05, 08:24
by minimalistix
London Hearts 2005.5.17
Before they begin Sugimoto Aya asks what counts as cheating and Atsushi says holding hands while walking together.

Ozawa Maju's List
10 - Herself - ???
9 - Aoki Sayaka - She doesn't have time to cheat

Aoki says that she does imagine it. Twice with Astushi. Rinka asks if her fantasies include sex. Aoki says that some people she does. Atsushi asks who she doesn't imagine sex with. She says for some reason she can't imagine it with Kimura Takuya. Mistuura says that in her fantasies she an Kimura Takuya do something which is bleeped out. Atsushi tells her to apologize to Kimura Takuya because it is so bad.

8 - Sugimoto Aya - They smell the same (which means just means they are similar)
7 - Iijima Ai - Money is the trunk(root) of her desire.

A guy asked her between money and him which would she choose. She said "money of course".
Atsushi asks if she has ever cheated and she says never (with a smile). She then says that if holding hands counts then Atsushi is always cheating. He says he isn't and that at moment he is very serious. Yamaguchi Moe asks if he has a girlfriend. He replies "No response" which causes an uproar. Iijima says that Ryou is going to cheat too. Atsushi says Ryou wouldn't cheat... within his area. Mitsuura says that he used to say bad things about his wife. Ryou says that he really loves her. Atsushi says to properly declare his love. Ryou says it to the camera but Atsushi says not to her but to him.

6 - Kokusho Sayuri - Are you interested in men... still? (meaning she is getting old)

Iijima says she gets more popular with old age. Kokusho says that without Sugita everyone picks on her age. Atsushi says thats because she is the oldest one there. She replies "Shut up"

5 - Yingling - she can't leave guys alone

Rinka interrupts and says its wrong. Atsushi asks whats wrong. She says she definitely thinks she(herself) belongs in 8-10. Atushi thought she had a problem with Yinglings place. Rinka says she was being annoying again wasn't she.

4 - Kumada Yoko - she's shiny/glittery

3 - Yamaguchi Moe - she doesn't take things serious and doesn't realise she's cheating

2 - Mitsuura Yasuko - ???

1 - Rinka - Its her vocation

Surveyed List

10 - Mitsuura Yasuko -
- Still hasn't had a real love relationship, if she managed to get one she would never cheat on him
- She can barely attract one guy let alone someone else to cheat on them with

The conversation that follows mostly talks about Atsushi being nice to the girls outside of the show. Aoki reveals that he offers to cheer her up if she has problems. When Iijima was not feeling well he asked if there was something he could bring her, even offering to make Okayu (rice gruel/porridge) and bring it for her. She replied to his message "okay, make it and bring it over" because she wanted to test it. He replied that he was currently drinking with friends and even though it would be late he would definitely call her back.

9 - Kokushou Sayuri
- ???
- even if she felt like cheating, she would stop herself

8 - Rinka
- shes very girly
- she cant have sex with someone she didnt love
- she used to cheat a lot, but it's out of her system and now she's more reserved

7 - Aoki Sayaka
- she is surprisingly pure of heart
- She already has a boyfriend
- ???

6 - Ozawa maju
- she would stalk her boyfriend, not interested in other people
- She enjoys the thrill of cheating (b)
- She has a cheating aura about her (b)

5 - Iijima Ai
- she clearly differentiates friends from boyfriend
- She doesn't feel secure without a lot of men (b)
- She would cheat but they would be one night stands and she'd never see them again (b)

4 - YingLing
- her body is too much for one man to handle (b)
- A boyfriend in Japan, but cheat with guys in Taiwan (b)

Iijima says she thinks Kumada Yoko is number 1 saying she looks very frivolous. Kumada denies it saying even when shes off somewhere for a shoot she turns off her phone. Atsushi tries to understand the logic behind her doing so, saying when she is away she turns off her phone so that she can't get caught cheating. Rinka says that if she turns off her phone how does her boyfriend contact her? Kumada says her boyfriends doesn't really call often...

3 - Kumada Yoko
- She would cheat without a second thought
- her messages would be very "suggestive" with lots of heart marks
- Cheating face

2 - Yamaguchi Moe
- She doesn't know how to feel guilt
- After shes cheated she will say "oh! by the way i have a boyfriend"
- she will think "I am not being bad" while she cheats

1 - Sugimoto Aya
- She wants to tame a lot of men
- she is always looking for someone who is more intense than the one she is with
She says that theres totally no mistake about that. Sugimoto then gives her tips on men she loves. Mitsuura doesnt get it, but Sugimoto's Erotic little sisters are totally absorbed and taking note.
- ???
Moe then says if you want to know more about Sugimoto's thoughts you should read her book "immoral".

Posted: May 25th, '05, 08:30
by Ruroshin
Excellent, thanks minimalistix! Any summary is still better than none :D

Posted: May 25th, '05, 10:36
by jholic
minimalistix: i also thank you. it's great to know that other folks share the love of 'london hearts'!!

Posted: May 26th, '05, 05:01
by moonsite
I've been wondering, is London Heart a drama or just a TV show? I browse the WIKI and stuff, but couldn't find the answer.

Posted: May 26th, '05, 05:24
by minimalistix
London hearts is a tv show.
It is one of the better variety shows i have seen.
Lately the have been doing a lot of the ranking segments because its so popular in japan but the used to do a lot of relationship stuff like Triangle, Blackmail and Idol Trap which are all trying to see if a guy will cheat on his girlfriend (sometimes the other way round). They usually do. You feel sorry for the girl but its funny to see what the guys will say and do to cheat and to apologize at the end when they are caught out.

At the moment I am only planning to summarise the ranking segments as they are conversation heavy and i really like them.
I will post some of them from 2004 soon including the ones with Atsushi's exgirlfriend in the panel.

Posted: May 26th, '05, 09:29
by jholic
moonsite: a variety show in japan is similar to a night time talkshow here in the u.s. london hearts is the name of a comedy duo that play different pranks and stunts on unwitting people.
minimalistix wrote:I will post some of them from 2004 soon including the ones with Atsushi's exgirlfriend in the panel.
looking forward to it, minimalistix.

too bad you can't use a simple subtitle creator and create a softsub file. obviously translating all the dialogue would be a lot of work, so i don't think that's too feasible for you. instead, if you add timing to what you have been providing us, it would let us know what time (in the show) that situation occurs. i may be mistaken, but i believe sub creators will set the time, and you just have to type in what you have been typing for us.

Posted: May 26th, '05, 14:51
by minimalistix
I guess i can add timestamps to my summaries and if someone wishes to convert that into softsubs they are welcome to. Biggest problem is there will be fairly large gaps at places where i don't know what they are saying and very short lines during conversations where i only get the jist of what they are saying.

At the moment i am busy with other things so i wont be posting another summary for a while.

Posted: May 27th, '05, 03:18
by moonsite
Thank for clarifying it for me. I might give it a try. I have not seen any Japanese show besides the MXC on Spike TV. I have seen some very funny Taiwanese shows though.

Posted: May 28th, '05, 15:22
by himasaram
Great work minimalistix! I'd just like to take the liberty of filling in the blanks of your list:

Ozawa Maju's ranking:
10. herself: She'd rather do it many times with one man.
2. Mitsuura: She's got a nice body and must take advantage of that.

Questionaire results:
9. Kokusho: She have had a difficult life and can't betray people easily.
7. Aoki: She's the type that gets cheated on instead.
1. Sugimoto: Cheating on one's partner is just a game. On top of that, she lets him know about it and enjoy seeing him envious. This is her very advanced form of adult love games.

I'll try to contribute summaries of some of my favourite episodes too. They're actually really entertaining to watch if you know what they talk about! :P

Posted: Jun 3rd, '05, 13:08
by Ruroshin
I'll to keep all the summaries in one topic so its easier to reference.

London Hearts 2005-05-31
tadashi wrote:Here's a very rough translation of the ranking segment lists from the page Ruroshin linked to, apologies for possible mistakes and errors in spelling, please feel free to make additions and corrections(perhaps Himasaram or Minimalistix can help us out). Things I'm unsure of or don't understand will be marked by ???

Theme: 100 foreign businessmen were asked which of the women they would want as their girlfriend.

Aoki Sayaka's ranking list:

1. Kokushyou Sayuri - Because she's a japanese beauty, the foreigners won't care about her age.

2.Mistuura Yasuko - She's intelligent, ???

3.Aoki Sayaka - Aoki thinks that foreigners read the Aera English series.

4.Yasu Megumi - There's a popularity around her.

5.Aota Noriko - Her appearance will be well recieved by foreign men

6.Yamaguchi Moe - Beacause she speaks slowly they will think she's KIMOI(???)

7.Rinka - Foreigners are already familiar with the look of her face

8.Ijima Ai - She's scary

9.Obayashi Motoko - She has a "mother"-image

10.Kumada Youko - They would want to play around with her but she's not the "type" they would want as a girlfriend

The ranking list of 100 foreign businessmen:

1.Rinka - I like her eyes, ???(something about her nose and burning feelings), Sweet and Cute, I want to see the fairy.

2.Obayashi Motoko - I would like to enjoy playing sports together with her, Feels innocent/pure, I want to see the rabbit.

3.Ijima Ai - Sexy lady, When walking with her you would be the center of attention, Feels honest/faithful.

4.Kumada Youko - Her eyes are mysterious, Her "Nice body" is equal that of american actresses, Baby baby baby.

5.Yasu Megumi - I like her mouth, She seems like a good listener, ???(something about getting bored of her company)

6.Kokushyou Sayuri - The traditional japanese feeling is good, I would like to take her to a high class resturant in NY, she seems deceitful.

7.Aota Noriko - ???(something about her being unfaithful), Not my "type", Don't like her smile.

8.Aoki Sayaka - No thank you, ???(men would like to see her face)

9.Yamaguchi Moe - Not sexy, She seems more like someone you raise a child with than a girlfriend.

!0.Mitsuura Yasuko - The face of an aunt, Doesn't raise any feelings, "Ganbatte kudasai"/Hang in there.
TeQnoman wrote:Seating arrangements:

From Top left to top right:

Aoki Sayaka
Mitsuura Yasuko
Yamaguchi Moe
Kumada Youko
Yasu Megumi

From Bottom left to bottom right:

Iijima Ai
Kokushou Sayuri
Aota Noriko
Oobayashi Motoko

Hope this helps.

Posted: Jun 3rd, '05, 18:10
by awrittensin
Okay, let me make some corrections to the above summary that Ruroshin copied and pasted.
6.Yamaguchi Moe - Beacause she speaks slowly they will think she's KIMOI(???)
Aoki gave the reason that foreigners usually talk pretty quickly, and if they try to talk to someone like Moe, who always talks really slow, they wouldn't like it very much.
1.Rinka - I like her eyes, ???(something about her nose and burning feelings), Sweet and Cute, I want to see the fairy.
Hee, I was wondering why this seemed strange to me, but whoever originally posted this got confused on Japanese grammar. It's not "I want to see the fairy" but "She resembles a fairy" or "She looks like a fairy." To help people out who are learning Japanese, I'll explain the mistake. The sentence "yousei ga mitai" means "I want to see a fairy." but "rinka wa yousei mitai" means "Rinka looks like a fairy." Even though the two words are both "mitai" they're not the SAME word. "Mitai" as in "Want to see" will usually be written with kanji, (見たい) whereas "mitai" as in "resemble" will always be written in kana.

Also, they weren't talking about her nose, the quote was "takane no hana tte, kanji de moeru." "Takane no hana" (高嶺の花) is a phrase which means "unattainable," and what the guy is probably trying to say is that Rinka is super hot because she's unattainable and that really gets him going. The word for nose is also "hana," but the kanji for that is this: 鼻 vs the word for flower, which is "hana" but the kanji for it is this: 花. The two words are also pronounced differently with different pitch accents, but one thing at a time, right?
2.Obayashi Motoko - I would like to enjoy playing sports together with her, Feels innocent/pure, I want to see the rabbit.
Again, it's "She resembles a rabbit."
5.Yasu Megumi - I like her mouth, She seems like a good listener, ???(something about getting bored of her company)
The last reason is "I think I'd get tired of her because a relationship with her would be too normal" and the other girls said "What do you mean by that?" and Atsushi said, "Like, not fun." and Ryou "Too obvious. Ha, it seems like everyone else can see that, too!" when everyone was nodding in agreement. Then Mitsuura said "It probably also means that any plans that Yasu would make would be really boring."
7.Aota Noriko - ???(something about her being unfaithful), Not my "type", Don't like her smile.
Yeah, the first reason is "It seems like she would always be cheating on me."
8.Aoki Sayaka - No thank you, ???(men would like to see her face)
That same mistake again... the second reason is "Because she has a masculine face" or "Her face looks like a man's." It's that same thing with "mitai" again.

At the end of the episode, a great thing happened to Mitsuura, though! There was one person who answered the survey, an American named Patrick, who said he couldn't think of anyone else to put at #1 besides Mitsuura, that he really liked her and wanted to go out with her! Atsushi gave Mitsuura Patrick's contact information, and later after the show in her dressing room, she called him and said "Hi, this is Yasuko. Thank you very much. Would you like to date with me?" :lol So cute! So maybe there will be a follow-up episode with Mitsuura and Patrick! :wub:

Posted: Jun 3rd, '05, 22:34
by Ruroshin
thanks awrittensin for the correction. This will help me understand it better :-)

Posted: Jun 4th, '05, 16:21
by minimalistix
Oh well since that's all pretty much taken care of i can leave it as it is, unless someone wants me to summarise some of the reactions.
himasaram and awrittensin's japanese seems to be a lot better than mine as well so their input is most appreciated and helpful.

Posted: Jun 5th, '05, 00:46
by tadashi
Big thanks to awrittensin for the corrections and additions. London Hearts becomes much more enjoyable the more you understand of what is said. :-)

Posted: Jun 22nd, '05, 00:53
by Ruroshin
himasaram wrote:Here goes, my first summary of a LH episode. Neither Japanese nor English is my native language, so please bear with me. ;-)

Tonight is: Kakuzuke young celebs special!

Participating standup comedian groups:

Hata Yoku, a.k.a. Guitar Samurai
Tamura Ryo of London Boots

The participants are seated like this:
Top row from the left:
Impulse Tsutsumishita, Impulse Itakura, Hata Yoku, Ungirls Yamane, Ungirls Tanaka
Bottom row from the left:
Tamura Ryo, Untouchable Yamazaki, Untouchable Shibata, Ogiyahagi Ogi, Ogiyahagi Yahagi

Atsushi is teasing Yamazaki about of what happened last week, and Yamazaki answers that he is healed from his womanizing habits. However Atsushi is still thinking Yamazaki has not repented.

And today's question is: "I wouldn't want to have this man's baby." Ugirls Tanaka is selected as the one to guess the ranking.

He put himself as nr 7. Because: He's tall, has good income and graduated from a good university.

Atsushi says that Itakura looks like an assassin today with that gray suit, and make a point of that throughout the show.

Iijima gives Atsushi a hint, that if he press his pointing pin against Yamazaki's chin, he stops talking. Atsushi likes to make fun of that chin, and also think Yamazaki talks too much. This gets repeated several times.

nr 8: Impulse Itakura. Because: Masculine in a slightly old-fashioned way. Doing his best to look good, nice suite, nice hairdo.

When Tanaka says he himself look good naturally without any effort, Itakura says he looks more like an enemy from Bomberman.

nr 9: Tamura Ryo. Ryo himself is disappointed because he imagine himself as nr 10. He's the only one with a child and think he's the most good looking. His children are cute too. But Yahagi, who've met Ryo's child, thinks he just look stupid.

Tanaka's reason: He's good looking but have a weak psyche at the same time, and that's his charm.

nr 10: Untouchable Shibata. Because: His kids will be neither good nor bad, but safe. Women like safeness.

nr 6: Ogiyahagi Yahagi. Because: Not amongst the best, but still ok. Sometimes looks like an old man, though.

Iijima says he looks 15 years older without the glasses.

nr 5. Ogiyahagi Ogi. Because: He looks quite ladylike, almost gay.

Ogi is happy because he gets to be together with his friend in the ranking.

nr 4. Untouchable Yamazaki. Because: His children will turn out dishonest. His DNA will lie to the other DNA and make trouble.

nr 3. Ungirls Yamane. Because: He's got no chin. His child will turn out ugly, regardless of the child's gender.

nr 2. Hata Yoku. Because: He looks like he's asleep all the time. It would be impossible to know if the baby is sleeping or not.

nr 1. Impulse Tsutsumishita. Because: The baby will be sweating from the moment it's born. In addition, he looks like pig.

Ranking, based on the answers from 100 women aged 15-45.

nr 10. Untouchable Shibata. Because: He seems to make plans for the future. He's good looking.

nr 9. Impulse Itakura. Because: His child will be intelligent. He'll make a good father.

nr 8. Ogiyahagi Yahagi. His child will have beautiful eyes. His child will have some sort of extraordinary ability. He features are not so bad, but put together he looks older than he really is.

Ryo is getting worried, and Atsushi insinuate that Ryo's wife regretted having their child.

nr 7. Impulse Tsutsumishita. Because: I personally want his child. He's fat, but is still graceful in a way.

nr 6. Tamura Ryo. Because: His child will be lovely, if nothing else. His child won't perhaps succeed in life, but will at least be a likable person.

Ryo agree that making a career will be difficult from now on. Then Atsushi ask if he can move on without Ryo. But Ryo complains about how he himself could carry on and support his family without Atsushi's help. But Atsushi wonder why he have to worry about Ryo's family.

nr 5. Ogiyahagi Ogi. Because: He's doing quite well after all. However, he don't look all that reliable

nr 4. Hata Yoku. Because: It'd be strange to have a lot of little guys looking like him around the house. How should one explain to the kids when they find a guitar and a kimono in the back of the closet. (Referring to his alter-ego, Guitar Samurai)

nr 3. Untouchable Yamazaki. Reason: I don't want a child with that chin.

nr 2. Ungirls Yamane. Reason: It would be difficult to tell our kids that he's their dad. Everybody will ask "why did you marry him?"

nr 1. Ungirls Tanaka. Reason: He's got almost no spirit. His kids will probably grow too tall. His DNA has no charm whatsoever.

In the end, Tanaka is forced to beg everyone for forgiveness for putting himself so far down the ranking.

Posted: Jun 22nd, '05, 07:19
by jholic
much thanks to you, Ruroshin, and himasaram for the latest synopsis.

London Hearts break?

Posted: Jul 9th, '05, 16:42
by mackan
Let me start out by thanking the guy who's been uploading all the London Hearts batches. Thanks a bunch for giving us all the oppurtunity to watch this extremely funny show.

Only problem is, I'm now addicted to the show but there hasn't been any new releases for the last 2(?) weeks. Does anybody know if there's any specific reason for this?

Thanks in advance,

Posted: Jul 10th, '05, 00:11
by Ruroshin
The usual source doesn't have them. I'll look for them in other places.

Posted: Jul 12th, '05, 08:04
by Usagoness
What is London Hearts anyway? what is it all about? yoroshiku.... :roll

Posted: Jul 12th, '05, 08:40
by jholic
aizawa wrote:What is London Hearts anyway? what is it all about? yoroshiku.... :roll

London Hearts 2003

Posted: Oct 2nd, '05, 05:15
by longe84
I uploaded London Hearts 2003 episodes to streamload. If any one wants me to send it to them, just leave your streamload SN.

Thank Ruroshin!

Posted: Oct 2nd, '05, 10:18
by jholic

London Hearts Idol Trap - What in the world?

Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 09:54
by Keeper of hells gate2
As a huge Japanese Drama watcher I came across this variety TV show. I have to admit I am not as much of a fan of Japanese variety shows as much as I like J Dramas. Well, I decided to DL this (while waiting for the new dramas) and watch this London Hearts Idol Trap. I may not know what the heck they are saying, but I know that I am interested in it and yet somewhat ticked off at the concept.

First off let me see if I have the concept right since I don't know Japanese. A girl or I suppose a guy sets up his or her boyfriend or girlfriend with a fake date with a Japanese idol - Megumi, Sato Erika etc.. setup by these London Heart guys and gals. The idol makes a pass or sometype of contact in order to setup a date with the boyfriend or girlfriend. Once the date is setup up (Like they could say NO) the date is video taped unknowing by the boyfriend and girlfriend and being shown to the boyfriends and girlfriends - boyfriend and girlfriend who is with the London Heart people. The london heart people then send in some person who interupts the date for sometype of comedic affect. However, at the very end the joke and the idols real attentions are revealed (Punked) - so far to a very angry girlfriend. I guess the overall concept is to test of the boy friends and girlfriend relationship against the power of the Japanese Idol.

If I have the concept right - I have to admit it is one heck of a interesting and captivating idea. However, I am disgusted by it somewhat. That you would play with someone feelings like that. Especially, in that type of way. You know I would like to see the beutiful idol lose to the girlfriend or the idol actually falls for the guy (that would make a good drama LOL) or the guy kicks the ass of the london heart guys. I mean that guy didn't stand a chance against Sato Erika. This is one of those guilty pleasure shows.

Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 12:40
by Ruroshin
yeah its basically to test if the boyfriend will be faithful and not fall to the advances of an idol.

There's actually some english subtitles to a few of these in the subtitle forums so you get a better ideal of it. Idol trap is just one of the evil things London Heart used to do on their show. One of my other favourite evilness was when they got a random couple on the streets and check the guy's mobile phone address list and message some suspicous names on them (names not known to the girlfriend), needless to say the guy is always on the bad side of the deal in these type of games. :fear:

Ah the good old LH classics. The current LH episodes are so tame compared to back then.

Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 12:46
by nikochanr3
Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.
If not all, i'm sure a lot of the episodes are fake because i've known people asked to go to casting calls for them. People are real, "Setup" is real, but person must know they are being setup because the girl is not asked to trick the boyfriend or not tell him at any time. It's like a pretending game, which is why the dudes never really try to jump the idol. Sigh, when i found this out it took me a while to enjoy again...

Posted: Oct 6th, '06, 02:34
by ryobreak
Hmm.. I sort've doubt that. After all, they're completely mortified when they see their girlfriend, plus their girlfriends are quite genuinely pissed.

If it was fake, those "real couples," should all apply for celebdom.

Posted: Oct 7th, '06, 03:50
by nikochanr3
doubt if you will...i know what i know...

Posted: Oct 10th, '06, 02:32
by jholic
merged with discussion topic.

i'm glad to see this one revived.

Posted: Oct 30th, '06, 02:57
by Lonely Soldier Boy ... shows.html

I went ahead and explained one of the best London Hearts episodes this year in this small report I wrote (I think the episode is from March). I loved it but never had the time to write it out. Just got it done tonight


Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 17:47
by 8thSin
Kakuzuke shiau onna... SUCKS!!

This show was SOOO good when they did Idol Trap, Love Triangle, Black Mail etc.

Posted: Feb 3rd, '07, 14:26
by jholic
i definitely enjoyed watching a few eps of 'blackmail'. those were hilarious, but it was painful watching those dudes squirm.

icchan just uploaded a batch of the 2006 eps:

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 13:18
by nak

i was wondering if anyone is planning to share the 6th Feb and 13th Feb episode of London Hearts........... :O

Anyways, yeh, Black Mail and Love Triangle was the best in me...although, Kakuzuke is alright aswell :P

Seeking London Hearts 2003-2006 episodes hardcopy

Posted: Jul 22nd, '08, 20:39
by CTU Kyoto
I'm a total London Hearts addict. I've watched it since I first lived in Japan for a time in 2001-2002, then when I came back again in 2003-2006 and my Japanese was much better, allowing me to really enjoy it. I especially like Kakuzuke shiau onnatachi (格付けし合う女たち -- sorry, not sure what it gets called in English, I think the Japan Times used to call it Ranking Battle!).

However I missed the boat on BitTorrent until last year, so while I have almost all the episodes from 2008 and 2007, previous years are spotty in my collection. Does anyone out there have a definitive collection of episodes, in particular Kakuzuke episodes from 2004-5, back when Rinka used to appear on the show before she apparently fell out with Atsushi. I have some VHS longplay tapes from that time but they're wearing out...

Anyway if anyone can help me out and maybe be willing to spend some of their time burning some DVDs and sending them, I could compensate via Paypal!

Finally, I'm a longtime user of the site for torrents but have only posted a few times, so sorry if this kind of request violates the rules.

Posted: Jul 23rd, '08, 00:00
by jholic
please do a search on our tracker. we have many london hearts eps. you could also try jpopsuki.

Posted: Aug 9th, '08, 18:01
by Kuno2
You can read a full-length summary of the August 5, 2008 episode of London Hearts at our website. Check it out! ... &topic=507

London Hearts...

Posted: Oct 10th, '08, 19:20
by Dookster
What happened to my beloved show? Is it on some kind of hiatus? Please someone help THIS addict!

Good fortune to all those that understand my pain.

don't worry

Posted: Oct 15th, '08, 01:31
by uglijimus
Most of the Japanese variety shows are on a break right now. London Hearts will be on the 21st of October in Japan. Here's the link to the site:

Re: don't worry

Posted: Oct 16th, '08, 18:42
by ebichu
uglijimus wrote:Most of the Japanese variety shows are on a break right now. London Hearts will be on the 21st of October in Japan. Here's the link to the site:
There was a London Hearts "Magic Mail" special on the 14th of October too - I really hope some kind person uploads it soon - I can't wait to watch it...

Re: don't worry

Posted: Oct 16th, '08, 19:21
by rugasuki
ebichu wrote:
uglijimus wrote:Most of the Japanese variety shows are on a break right now. London Hearts will be on the 21st of October in Japan. Here's the link to the site:
There was a London Hearts "Magic Mail" special on the 14th of October too - I really hope some kind person uploads it soon - I can't wait to watch it...
I'm really looking forward to seeing the 10/14 SP too!

Posted: Dec 4th, '08, 10:05
by Elfunko
ロンハ バンプ! :cheers:

Show is funny as all hell. Of course, some of the stuff they say is all effed up, but that's why we watch it eh!

Posted: Nov 12th, '09, 14:56
by auroragb
Anyone else watch the Nov 3 ep with 50TA?
It's a must watch for the Lonha fans
Do you think Atsushi was in on the fact that Aoki was doing the singing as opposed to 50TA?
I think he must be. Otherwise why would there be such a Avex mix of the song, it's clearly that's not what Aoki sang to.
I think 50TA's version should be released. Aoki's version is quite weak. At least you can get them in ring tones. I'm curious what the ring tone ranking will be...

Posted: Nov 15th, '09, 21:29
by kaiservonjapan
That one was really great... it was a long special which i always like, because lonha is so great.

But I just thaught the whole setup was somehow awkward, because usually you can't do things like producing a single and stuff without any contract, so when signing this contract, the name is of course written on it. so the setting somehow can'T work out acutally.

and in the end i just thought "why not sue them?" . . . .but kanno eiko is such a pity . .. .
i like him because he is so pure but i think he is gonna get his feeling hurt if he continous being so easy-trusting

Posted: Jan 6th, '10, 08:38
by aprilguy
I noticed there were some older english subs for this. I guess that died out... that's too bad i enjoyed being able to see the subbed version. My understanding of Japanese is no where near good enough to keep up with everything.

Posted: Feb 2nd, '10, 20:55
by mephesta
^^ I agree. My wife loves watching this show with me. My Japanese is ok, I can at least pick out the topics but I miss most of the humor. I love misono.

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 16:55
by Raito
The newest episode (2010-04-06/07) was absolutely HILARIOUS when it got to the later two thirds of the episode. So embarrassing yet awesome, it's uploaded for streaming here: ... ry-32.html (NOT my blog)


Posted: Apr 27th, '10, 02:36
by manuel_hydeist
I love the show!
so good program London Hearts! :cheers: