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Help finding TV show

Posted: Sep 14th, '13, 11:38
by polover
Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place. I don't use this site often

I'm trying to find this episode of a show (I think it MIGHT have been Japanese) I saw a couple years ago where a girl met a ghost under a bridge wearing a red jacket who followed her home and then possessed her body. When the girl was possessed she would curse and act vulgar which was strange and upsetting to her father. The Ghost did not want to move on because her lover or something like that and used the girl's body to have a relationship with him again. Eventually she got found out. I remember a scene where the ghost threatened the girl's dad by putting a knife to her own throat. The situation was resolved by the ghost leaving the girl's body and permanently possessing another woman for the same purpose (bittersweet ending). Anyone know what show I'm talking about? I think some part of the series title translated into "seasons"