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134 hour live broadcast in Soul subway

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 15:44
by Shindou-Kun
Just thought I'd share this link with everyone. The world longest live broadcast is currently being broadcasted live on norwegian tv. It's a 134 hour long boat trip along the norwegian coastline. ... ul-subway/

"Two TV-monitors at Samgakji station will show the entire trip. In Korean time, Hurtigruten will depart from Bergen at 02:45 AM on the17th of June, and reach its final harbor in Kirkenes at 4:45 PM one the 22nd of June. There is no worry that the time difference will make it too dark to watch: the midnight sun ensures that the viewers can enjoy the Norwegian fjords even at night."

It can be viewed here:

Posted: Aug 16th, '11, 02:31
by fy42
It's great!!

Posted: Aug 29th, '11, 15:24
by brijs
Hi everyone,
Thank Shindou-Kun for the link