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Posted: Jun 26th, '09, 14:07
by Razor.
hello ppl.
im going to budapest in october so i have few questions for those who are currently in budapest.
or for those who traveled there not so long time ago.

thx xx


Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 09:56
by dabogy
What about Budapest?

Posted: Jul 31st, '09, 13:04
by Razor.
how are the prices of clothes there?
how's food?
and do you have anything special to recommend to visit or smthn?^^

Re: Budapest.

Posted: Jun 17th, '19, 12:46
by ksz
I see this is an old topic, but if anyone planning to visit Budapest, feel free to ask.
If you need a room or house for rent, check this place Budapest is a great place for a long vacation.