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Planning trip to Hong Kong & Malaysia maybe Taipei

Posted: Jun 16th, '09, 22:19
by Phillykat
I had all my plans done and was ready to book my hotels in Japan, but then my trip changed to Hong Kong and I'm lost. Has anyone been there? What time of year and was it really humid? Where did you stay?

Malaysia seems a little easier to figure out but I'll take any hotel advice you have.

We're also thinking about jumping over to Taiwan for a long weekend. Any ideas?

Posted: Jun 16th, '09, 23:22
by dhmylene
Research some ideas by clicking on the word Hong Kong .

Just use Google and you can find all kinds of travel information.

Posted: Jun 17th, '09, 06:12
by Phillykat
Thanks. I've not been to that site. I thought I had found a hotel in HK but a friend of mine said, "NO!" to the area.


Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 11:16
by dabogy
so how did it go? =)

Re: so

Posted: Jul 15th, '09, 19:12
by Phillykat
dabogy wrote:so how did it go? =)
Ugh! :goggle: (that's me after 2 hrs of ckg hotels) I've got a handle on Malaysia & Taipei. HK is giving me a headache. Usually, I travel alone, but this time I'm going with someone. Every hotel I like in HK she hates and vice versa. I want to be close to everything so the cost is more and she just wants cheap. I'm on the verge of saying, "Let's stay in separate hotels."