[TwDrama] Knock Knock Loving You (CTS) 2009

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[TwDrama] Knock Knock Loving You (CTS) 2009

Post by om369 » Apr 25th, '09, 11:31


I am surprised that there is no link for this new series.

Can someone start downloading this new series?

I see Black & White and other new BUT not this 1.

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Post by ethidda » Apr 25th, '09, 13:22

Well, TLS is subbing it, or so it says in the fansub map. If no episodes have been released it just means that they haven't finished any yet. TLS is known for being slow, except on certain Japanese projects, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Post by vancoland » Jun 11th, '09, 00:13

This series looks promising. I like the lead girl's spunk. A girl that's actually intelligent and uses it for good for once instead of evil schemes. The smart girls you see in other series are always evil for some reason. Anyways, I've noticed there seems to be lacking interest for subtitling Dylan series on d-addicts, or lacking interest in his dramas in general, but the ones I've watched are all pretty good so far.
I want to see Li Bing Bing

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Post by jeff_38 » Jun 17th, '09, 06:34

really wanna c it!!

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Post by jeff_38 » Dec 19th, '09, 19:18

heard the ending is soo disappointing....

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Post by geekygurl » Jan 26th, '10, 09:47

i really wanna see it..
really hope that there's a link for this drama to download....

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