[TwDrama]Story of Time

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[TwDrama]Story of Time

Post by auroragb » Jan 17th, '09, 22:44

Anyone else watch this series
It's a series set in a veteran village in 1980s. About the interaction of Sun family, Tao family, and Zhang family who are neighbors.

Arguably, the main character is Sun Yimei, a happy go lucky girl who's in love with the eldest boy in the Tao family (Tao Fubang). It's a funny family comedy that shouldn't be missed.
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Post by AxiomofDreams » Jul 24th, '09, 03:57

This is definitely one of the best dramas in years. I wish someone would take up this project, even though it's a bit different from idol dramas. The storyline's pretty realistic and revolves around family. It follows the story of a bunch of kids in a village from their childhood years into their adulthood

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Post by gromitt » Aug 18th, '09, 18:51

I bought this DVD set from Taiwan and just finished it recently... it's really, really good. It's no wonder this drama made stars out of the leading actors, especially Tender Huang and Tammy Chen. Tender Huang impressed because he grabbed everyone's attention. And Tammy Chen's performance was simply brilliant, one of her best role so far.

The story may seem boring and uninteresting... like a gramdma's tale kinda story. But it's really a top-notch drama, better than most of the idol drama offerings out there. You get a strong script, solid acting, tonnes and tonnes of humor peppered throughout the 107 episodes and good looking actors/actresses - all in one big, neat package.
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Post by fwfan888 » Aug 30th, '09, 13:48

Didn't like the storylines so much

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Post by auroragb » Aug 30th, '09, 15:58

A significant part of the charm of the series are its cultural references. Without it, it's still a good series that may not be to everyone's taste
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Post by philnev12 » Sep 2nd, '09, 14:58

anybody know where can i buy the dvd for this series beside from YESAsia? I have tried searching dvd/cd shops and they don't have it (I'm in Singapore)


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