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Trying to find cantonese dramas for my relative

Discuss chinese drama series here.
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Trying to find cantonese dramas for my relative

Post by Mark1Young » Dec 9th, '08, 02:33


please help me find cantonese torrets for my relative here in the uk.
She gets very bored here.

I have downloaded a few but I can never figure out if they are cantonese or mandarin before I download them.

Her mandarin is not very strong.

I would love to be pointed to a site that has mainly cantonese dramas on it. I can not read chinese so only english language sites I guess.

Thanks is advance

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Post by n8147c » Dec 31st, '08, 06:22

Go to "Chinese Culture & Entertainment" on this page you should see a lot of TVB movies. Hope this help

:-) :-)

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