Romantic Princess part II?

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Romantic Princess part II?

Post by pyang32 » Nov 9th, '08, 19:17

Hey Drama Addicts. Just wondering, is there a part two to Romantic Princess??
If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

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Post by Marieluna » Nov 9th, '08, 19:55

Doubt it very much! This is based on a manga so Im sure they finish it to their liking or like it 8)

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Post by ginny_lunallena » Nov 11th, '08, 19:45

I was dissapointed when i read this thread lol, I thought the OP actually had good news.. : [

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Post by sallia » Nov 28th, '08, 10:29

even though i like calvin in romantic princess but i don't wish there is part 2

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