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Off Pedder

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Off Pedder

Post by puppyangel18 » Oct 19th, '08, 00:48

The sitcom is about office politics in a magazine company, as well as family and romantic relationships amongst the characters, with the majority of the cast from Best Selling Secrets. On Pedder Street, there have been rumours of a competitive business woman, Ivy Yan Seung (Teresa Mo), coming to steal power away from Susan Ka So-Shan (Elaine Jin) at Chiu (潮) Magazine. The two women must bribe their staff to join their side in order to gain the leadership of the firm.

Beside these two women, are two men who also hold strong power in the firm, Yim Yue-Dai (Stephen Au) and Ryan Yu Ka-Sing (Wayne Lai). How will these four individuals affect Pedder Street and who will become the ultimate leader of Chiu (潮) Magazine...?

Chiu (潮) Magazine

Stephen Au Yim Yue-Dai = 閆汝大 Chiu (潮) Magazine Manager, Yim Hei's son, Wong Lai-Mei's step-brother, Yan Seung's ex-husband.

Teresa Mo = Yan Seung (Ivy) 甄賞 Chiu (潮) Magazine Chief Editor, Yan Dai-Dak's daughter, Yim Yue-Dai's ex-wife.

Wayne Lai = Yu Ka-Sing (Ryan) 余家昇 Chiu (潮) Magazine Sales Director, Yu Lok-Yee's older brother.

Elaine Jin = Ka So-Shan (Susan) 賈素珊 Chiu (潮) Magazine Sales Manager.

Elvina Kong = Gam Yiu-Gin 金堯堅 Chiu (潮) Magazine Sales Department Secretary

Raymond Chiu (趙永洪) = Mok Dik-Ko (Marco) 莫迪高 Chiu (潮) Magazine Sales Clerk

Wong Cho Lam = Tang Lai-Gwan (Bobby) 鄧勵均 Chiu (潮) Magazine Reporter

Jim Tang = So Tung-Wo (Gary) 蘇同和 Chiu (潮) Magazine Reporter
Aimee Chan = Chan Bo-Lai (Paula) 陳寶拉 Chiu (潮) Magazine Reporter Trainee
Joyce Cheng = Yu Lok-Yee (Joyce)余樂兒 Chiu (潮) Magazine Clerk, Yu Ka-Sing's younger sister.

Gam Bor (金波) Corporation

Chan Hung Lit (陳鴻烈) = Yim Hei 閆器 Gam Bor (金波) Corporation President, Yim Yue-Dai's father, Wong Lai-Mei's foster father.

Florence Kwok = Wong Lai-Mei (Tina) 王麗薇 Gam Bor (金波) Corporation Vice-President,Yim Hei's foster daughter, Yim Yue-Dai's step-sister.

Happy Bar (開心吧)

Ivan Ho (何守信) = Yan Dai-Dak (George) 甄大德 Happy Bar (開心吧)Owner/Bartender, Yan Seung's father.

Gregory Lee = Happy Bar (開心吧) Bartender
Mikako Leung (梁珈詠) = Cheung Wai-Miu 章慧妹 Happy Bar (開心吧) Bartender

Other cast

Ng Kwun Lai (吳君麗) = Chung Wan Gai-Ho 鍾溫繼好 Yu Lok-Yee and Yu Ka-Sing's aunt, Yan Seung's maid.

Tsui Wing (徐榮) = Bao Kwok-Yan 包國仁 Truck Driver

Joyce Koi (蓋鳴暉) = Ho Lin-Dat (Linda) 何蓮達

Lee Yee Man (李綺雯)

Yvonne Ho (何綺雲)

Lo Chun Shun (魯振順) = Sung Lei-Chung 宋理忠
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