Genghis Khan Series - help timing

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Genghis Khan Series - help timing

Post by robx » Jul 14th, '08, 01:05 ... x_Set_.htm

Does anyone be willing to re-time this series? I got the source with subtitles, i can do everything else but the timing.
I mean i can also do timing, but its too tense for me, so if anyone is willing to re-time this serie to release, holler. If not i will not attempt this serie any further.

Problem based on Disk 1:
Each disk has 3 Episodes, the first and last episode seems to be fine with time shifting, but the middle episode has issues with the sub time. Shifting will not work out well. Also the subtitle lines seem to be rather nasty in matching with the character says.

Further problems is a possibility. But unknown for the time being.

Closed. Got someone to help if needed. Thanks anyway to whoever reads this.

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Post by gordon_br » Oct 26th, '08, 05:41

I downloaded this and watched it with my wife. We both loved it. It is really worth watching. A great job by robx. Just wanted to let robx know.

This is a one you will want to see if you like historical dramas.

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