Why Why Love Ep. 11

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Why Why Love Ep. 11

Post by nolifeprincess » Sep 5th, '07, 05:38

Hey Everyone! I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who do fan subs! It's such a great effort and really great thing to do on your parts. XE XIE!!!!!!!! And I was wondering if anyone could provide a link to a subbed version of Why Why Love ( :wub: ) Ep. 11. I've looked all over the place and can't find one. Thanks a lot!

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Post by Puppet Princess » Sep 5th, '07, 05:56

First of all... asking for subs is a no-no.

Second, you can't find it because it isn't released yet. Please check the Intangible and DoReMii blogs for progress before asking for things next time.

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Post by IndieRockerette » Sep 5th, '07, 06:06

Check for updates here: http://doremiiscale.blogspot.com/2007/0 ... oject.html

Intangible FS has not finished subbing episode 11 yet, so try and be informed and respect subbers before doing anything stupid, like requesting subs.

@ Mod, please lock.

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Post by nolifeprincess » Sep 7th, '07, 23:44

Oh, I'm sorry! I'm new to all this! But thanks for the information!

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Post by amrayu » Sep 7th, '07, 23:54

Guys can you be just a little nicer? This noob bashing needs to stop. Next time just hit the report button so we can handle things like this.

Locking this thread...
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