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[TwDrama] Mico, Go! (PTS, 2006)

Posted: Feb 15th, '07, 03:15
by 7654321friend
Anybody watched tis drama yet??

saw the first few episodes.. its really a nice show!
a touching drama abt a girl who lost her sight and her new found companion in a dog, which acted as her pair of eyes.

comments, anyone?

Posted: Feb 15th, '07, 03:44
by 7654321friend

Posted: Feb 15th, '07, 03:49
by habukie
hmm...i haven't seen this yet, but it sounds similar to My Love Toram, a kdrama.

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 16:04
by tammiest
Haven't seen this, but here is some trivia :)

The lead girl (the blind one) was discovered on Jacky Wu ZhongXian (Xian ge)'s show, Guess Guess Guess.

Tsai PeiLin is in this :wub: , but, once again, not as the lead.