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[CDrama] The Life And Death Love

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 05:41
by grainsofrain
I was wondering if anybody's ever watched this and know anything about where to get the OST for it? The chinese pinyin is 生死绝恋 or Sheng Si Jue Lian =x.

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 06:10
by Kai Lien
Umm...I've dled it. Haven't gotten around watching it yet, mainly because I don't think Yan Kuan has a big role in it. What did you think of the series?

I'll try looking for the OST.

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 06:12
by grainsofrain
My sister's friend lent us the DVD to it. It's really sad; it made me cry here and there =x. I still liked the original coupling though. Which one is Yan Kuan?

I'm actually trying to find the OST set but I'm mainly set on this song that the main character guy plays on his guitar =x.