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Flying Hawk - anybody has more info?

Posted: Apr 26th, '06, 21:29
by non-telepathic wanderer
Found this music video on the youtube:
Flying Hawk 鹰在飞
Another clip from the same poster

Its brief Intro (from the mv description):
Made by "Shen Ku Xiao Fu(神哭小斧)". Based on the new Chinese Wuxia TV series "Ni Shui Han(逆水寒)". The song is singed by a band called Energy.
逆水寒(Ni Shui Han, a famous Wuxia TV series in China, whose literal meaning is Cold against the current) MV (Music Video, made by fans of ‘Ni Shui Han’ on the internet)

One day, Qi ShaoShang (戚少商), a hero who fighted the enemy at the borderline, met a weird man on his way to marry his girlfriend. That guy gave him a sword and asked him to wait for him a week later at a devious restaurant. He went but didn’t see this man. Instead, he met another talented sword man-Gu XiZhao(顾惜朝. They became good friends instantly and chatted, sword-danced and played music all night. But actually, Gu was a killer and the premier, who was also his father-in-law, asked him to kill Qi and find the sword back as there was a big secret sealed in it. So he had to finish the job. Lots of Qi’s friends came to help him out of danger so Gu killed them one by one. However, somehow, he couldn’t kill Qi. Finally, Gu helped the premier to abduct the king and Qi appeared to stop him. So they fighted the decisive battle at the summit of Forbidden City…

Looks good and interesting, love to see it, anybody has more info?

Posted: Apr 26th, '06, 22:46
by Brothers
First of all Flying Hawk 鹰在飞 is the name of the song and singer(s)/group

The name of the serie is Ni Shui Han or 逆水寒 in chinese.

Product Title : Ni Shui Han (Vol.1-40) (End) (China Version)
Artist Name(s) : Julian Cheung | Wallace Zhong | Wong Chi Yin
Release Date : September 14, 2004
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Simplified Chinese

Couldn't find any torrents or direct download links, Sorry.

Posted: Apr 26th, '06, 23:26
by non-telepathic wanderer
Thanks for the info.

I noticed about the title on the introduction note.
Well, hopefully we will see fansubbed version showing up here soon. :D

Any review or comment on the series? Is it good?
I am in the US and just understand little chinese, so I can't search for it using chinese.

Posted: Apr 27th, '06, 08:55
by Brothers

Posted: Apr 30th, '06, 01:07
by lorien86
I watched this in Viet Dub... it's a really good story-line... I think it's also called "River Flowing Backwards" or something like that...

Posted: Apr 30th, '06, 07:34
by Kai Lien
OK. You know what? I am pretty positive this is just a MV made by a fan of Wallace Chung. :wub: This is not some new continuation of Ni Shui Han. They just used the song by Energy called Yin zai fei (hopefully my pinyin is correct) which is the themesong to the one of my favorite HK movies, called Silver Hawk starring Michelle Yeoh & Ritchie Ren.

Nice clip! Now I really need to watch that series, Wallace is a winner. :mrgreen: