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[HKDrama] Greed Mask (TVB, 2003)

Posted: Feb 20th, '06, 22:45
by tee668w
The Basic Plot
The plot of Greed Mask is way too complicated to summarize. It’s basically about two different mysterious cases that connect to each other. The first case deals with the relationship of Halina and Roger. This mini case introduces the characters’ personalities and their past. Soon after this case is solved, the series quickly jumps to the next case where there are many suspects. It’s almost impossible to guess who the murderer is.

The Cast
One thing that the audience will surely enjoy from this series is the casting. All the actors/actresses are experienced; they delivered some great performances. However, great performances are not always enjoyable due to the same characterization. Roger Kwok’s character is very similar to his previous roles in “A Herbalist Affair” and “The Trust of a Life Time”. Annie Man’s character is basically always the same - nice, caring, adorable... etc. This is probably the reason why I am so eager to watch Annie’s new series with Amy Kwok, which she will play a jerk for the first time.

I have heard many negative comments towards Christine Ng. I personally think she’s fun to watch and looks extremely compatible with Roger.

Halina’s role is really small in here. I was expecting to see more of her, since she is somewhat a good actress. The first case which deals with Halina will leave you wondering and guessing.

Gilbert Lam is at his usual performance; great transition from a nice personality to a cruel, insane one.

Greed Mask marks the return of Wayne Lai. Here he plays a character that is very different from what I have seen. Angie Cheung is also back, and surprisingly, she plays a kind-hearted person – Angie is great portraying an evil or a nice character.

Further Comments
The themesong by Andy Hui is quite nice, settings and costumes are just typical. The quality of the series is actually good even though Greed Mask is not a grand production. I was amused by the fact that Annie Man plays a deaf person in here; quite unique. You may learn some new sign language since Annie and Roger do it quite often =).

My Final Comments
Greed Mask is a rare production of TVB considering how every aspect is satisfactory. I strongly recommend it to Roger’s fans as well as fans of the mystery genre

Posted: Mar 26th, '06, 01:46
by hui_02
Do u have the opening theme for this drama series?

Posted: Jun 19th, '06, 03:13
by dn67
this series is so good. I love the mystery and the suspense. I am not a big fan of christine ng, but her acting here is fairly good and roger kwok did an excellent job. you will be shock to find out what happen at the end. extremely good. :D