[TwDrama] KO One (GTV, 2005)

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Post by missmonnas » Jun 26th, '07, 03:25

sorry.. but where ever i go i can;'t get anything.. just weird characters that i don't understand.. help!!

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Post by Puppet Princess » Jun 26th, '07, 03:47

Can't get what?

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Post by Thatrous » Sep 1st, '07, 06:48

Does anyone know where i can find a jacket like the guys in the class wear?

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Post by yakult08 » Mar 30th, '08, 16:37

how do i download videos from this site?
i clicked on the video but it did not start the download from my bittorrent

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Post by neuhikari » May 5th, '08, 07:31

I really like this drama it's a fighting comedy and Jiro is in tha main role. Calvin and Aaron is good too. the plot is very interesting and that English teacher is very funny. I like Calvin's character he is always quoting some historical something but His mates or enemyien never understand it I really like it.

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