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Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 05:47
by luna32
Hi Everyone,

I have been downloading Chapters 11-15 and 16-20 of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and it is taking forever!! Does anyone know how to request the seeders and peers to speed up the upload process (right now it is practically not moving). Thanks!

Luna32 :crazy:

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 05:49
by LiquidKiD
read the book, the drama is painfully innaccurate

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 06:14
I'd say that reading the book is much better.
Anyway, do you all think that the book is much oriented to the shu kingdom? I personally like Cao Cao's character though. Cao Cao is just shown to be the villain. However, I think that Liu Bei is just the same as Cao Cao or any other lords. The difference is just because Cao Cao is crafty and he do what needs to be done (imo :P).

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 06:37
by canon05
Where did you purchase the book? I got only the last 2 volumes b/c they are no longer published.

I agree with the above posts. The book is way much better and it only takes you a few hours to finish it. :-)

I just realized the book is much oriented towards Shu. But still...Cao Cao is really a sly devil. Though other lords might have done the same thing, they just wanted to unite their kingdom after all.

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 06:41
Um, I think it's usually available in bookshops?
I'm not quite sure though...
There also some sources for internet reading as well :D

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 06:42
by luna32
Lmao! Thanks guys for your input. I realize the movie is not that good however according to my mother if there is a movie to watch it is better than nothing (yes she has read the history but not sure if she has read the popularized books). by the way are those books in english? if so let me know what is the publisher and author? thanks.


Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 06:47
not sure, I had it when I was child... and now it's already lost I guess...
I relied internet reading though :D
try, there got free internet reading of the story
anyway, Cao Cao ROCKS!!!! :D :D :D

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 14:37
by GuanYu
Hey Luna, try this link: ... s&n=507846

If it doesn't work, just goto and search for 3 kingdoms. Good read! I also got some other chinese classics from them. All english translated :)

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 17:30
by canon05
I bought the book from Popular a Singaporean bookstore. It accepts online orders too.

Btw the book I own is not a novel, it's slighty like comic with captions below the picture. It's Chinese-English. Vol.1 is missing, I hope they'll publish the book again someday.

Posted: Oct 10th, '05, 21:06
by Calcifer
Nominate this for the next Chinese Series of the Month and then tell people to vote for it! :) There was interest last time, but the modern dramas tend to win when there's a mix.