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Need the name of this film

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Need the name of this film

Post by vicwalker » Aug 1st, '13, 04:54

I watched this film while on a flight in China a year ago. I was half asleep, so some of the details are fuzzy, here's what I remember:

Guy meets girl, they fall in love. The initial meeting involves umbrella. They are poor and work at some low end job, but they tried to save up money for something (I don't remember what exactly). Guy gets injured while working one day, this eats up all the savings. Guy then decides to travel somewhere far away to find better opportunities. He left the girl behind and told her he will be back for her when he got successful. After some time, guy actually became successful and came back for the girl. They lived happily for a while. One day, they got attacked back some robbers while walking in some alley. The girl was killed during the confrontation. The film ends with a wedding scene.

This film might a part of a collection/series. It was shown between two other films that have similar sad/bittersweet feelings. I vaguely remember one of the films was about two lovers that both have life threatening disease, and the other film was about some concert. There might be more, but I was asleep.

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