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Trying to find the name of an old drama

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 05:15
by faisoka
I'm pretty sure it's TVB, but not 100%.
Should be around 2000.

Some plot:
- a man travels back in time and saves his dad from dying
- he travels by car
- some time later they both go back to his grandfather's era
- grandfather's era was during the Japanese invasion of China
- they save his grandfather from dying and bring him to the present

Some character identification, taking place during the drama:
- the son looks around 40
- father and grandfather look around 30

Posted: Jul 10th, '13, 15:55
by creidesca
It's not TVB, but ATV or rather a collaboration between ATV and one of the Singapore stations.

Drama is titled "Venture Against Time" or "Son from the Past". This is an old forum for the drama: some of the links don't work anymore, but you get a pretty good cast list. Or the chinese wiki: ... A%E4%BE%86

One of my favorite dramas.

Posted: Jul 15th, '13, 03:55
by faisoka
That's the one, thanks. Guess I was looking in the wrong places.