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New age of love[not in the wiki]

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New age of love[not in the wiki]

Post by lainiwaku » Jul 3rd, '13, 06:15


Trailer : the first 2 minute (opening)

[Show name]: new age of love / 新恋爱时代 / Xin Lian Ai Shi Dai
【Year】: 2013
[Premiere date] :2013 -06-10
[Country]: China
【Type】: Drama | Romance
【Language】: Mandarin
[Episode]: 34 sets
[Directed by]: Zhang Xiaoguang
[Screenwriter]: Wang Hailing
[Starring]: Yao flute · · · · · · Deng available (Zheng Lu Chen tidal current girlfriend ex-girlfriend)
Arduous tasks · · · · · · Zheng tide (Deng available current boyfriend)
Gao Lu · · · · · · Wei Mountain (Deng may cousin)
Zheng Kai · · · · · · Liuxu Gang (like Wei Shan Shan)
Zeng Yong Dynamisante · · · · · · Shen painting (Deng may girlfriends like Zheng tide)
Ray Lui · · · · · · to fly (like Wei Shan Shan)
Zhang Meng · · · · · · Chen Jia (like Zheng tide)
Wang Yang · · · · · · Lu Chen (Deng can be ex-boyfriend, Vivian current boyfriend)
Sue · · · · · · Deng mother (mother Deng available)
Chenxi Guang · · · · · · Deng Wenxuan (Deng may father)
Meng Fei · · · · · · guest (guest star)
Roca · · · · · · guest (guest star)
Huang Han · · · · · · guest (guest star)
Xu Yan · · · · · · Peng Yu (Deng boss Chen Jia in Aeolus competitors)
Smile · · · · · · guest (guest star)

Synopsis (google translate) :
After graduating from the University of Deng may by virtue of its excellent conditions for entering a favorite company, in a blind date in **** met her boyfriend Zheng tide. Deng may be riding high at the time, girlfriends and cousin Wei Shen painting Mountain lodging in Deng's home can break the calm. Shen painting, young and beautiful, eager to marry Homer, repeatedly encounter love liar. Flying in to help, Shen painted into the pharmaceutical company, Shen collision at work painting fell in love with the tide, the tide may be like Deng, Shen Deng can draw unscrupulous dismantled and tide, caught in a triangle of three medium. Wei Shan Mountains in the family to fly home to do the teacher to solve the Beijing accounts, meager wages so she had to depend on others, couriers Liuxu Gang in, if you're in love with Wei Shanshan, Wei Mountain rejected due to different ideas Liuxu Gang. Deng can not fit in the workplace rules of survival, resignation that something small can with a red light feelings tide, tide Shen painting so small can and experiencing the test of reality, Deng parents' marriage may also at risk. Experienced a life tempered, finally matures.

Deng electromechanical professional internship can enter the investment bank and try to positive, unexpectedly encountered the harsh beauty boss Chen Jia, as she began a new job difficulties, indomitable workplace purgatory. After a series of collisions between ideal and reality, the initial enthusiasm for the work of the blind into the calm of their own thinking, Deng be ready to give up work, PubMed blind studies ...... Deng may encounter when mature, self-confident "diamond quality men" Zheng tide. Deng Cheng tide in the workplace can help to make careful when frustrated her renewed confidence, Deng Cheng tide can also overcome the emotional entanglements with Chen Jia once fell in love with him.

Soon, Deng can study abroad and maintenance are also facing the choice of love, is to uphold self? Or love supreme? Youth, beauty, unwilling to mediocrity like ants like substances girl Shen painting, bent to Beijing hard. Shen painting is selected and the boss had a small three passions on the decadent life or leveraging a strong woman to be? Shen savvy real painting can seize the hard-won jobs? She will take up with a successful career, middle-aged and divorced to fly with their children's hand? Masters graduated North drift girl Wei Mountain and began a garden workers Liuxu Gang identity and status of the poor love. In Beijing this materialistic, dire magic of all, the two can overcome the fetters of reality, the test substance, insisted romantic ideal of love? Deng far in the United States with her boyfriend fell in love six years, the two are not together in facing the ultimate question. The mother gave Deng Deng can be arranged a blind date, Deng could mistake the work of Zheng tide gives presentation as a blind date, Zheng tide against Deng may at first sight, the two story begins.

Shen Deng painting is available girlfriends, you want to marry a rich man is a better life and worked the girls, worked as flight attendants, is actually a very simple person. Because her boyfriend SUN Jing, quit work in Guangzhou to Beijing, but found Jing Sun is a liar. Deng can now living in home, so she had to continue looking for a better life for the people. Deng may cousin Wei Mountain, is a rare moment of girl. Do not value money, I believe his own efforts can live very well, is to fly her daughter's tutor. In the non-Shing disturbance met on Liuxu Gang, Liu Xugang the mountain hill at first sight, they seem very fate, always able to "coincidence." To fly because of her daughter's relationship, but also increasingly for Wei Shan mountains and the heart. Rent a house because of leaking things, Deng can now living in the home.

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