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[CDrama] Warriors Of The Yang Clan (CTV, 2004)

Posted: Jan 12th, '05, 10:13
by aznxshinobi
We'll heres the deal: I'm encoding the TV version of Warriors of the Yang Clan thats being aired on KSCI 18 in LA. I found out someone else is doing a DVD rip of the same show and adding soft subs. Currently I'm missing the first three episodes and since its being ripped from the TV, the quality will not be as good as the DVD, but mine will be smaller in size than the DVD rip. So the question stands: Do I or do I not bother to release my version? If I dont release my version I'll try to help the other guy in any way possible. I'm kind of indecisive, so I leave it to you, the people who would download the show to, decide :D .

edit:: whoops I posted this in the wrong area, it should be in the Chinese Entertainment area :cry: :cry: :cry: Sorry

Posted: Jan 12th, '05, 17:46
by LittleGreenGrasshopper
I got a question, kind of related and kind of not. I'll let you decide on that, but I'll ask the question anyways. You mentioned that someone may be doing a DVD-rip and adding softsub, will it be available here on D-A and are the softsubs in english? Just wondering.

PS: Thanks for your offer of uploading, personally, I'm in the thought that if I watch something, I'd like to see it start to finish. The missing 3 episodes will annoy me to no end, cuz I'll be wondering what I miss :-( ... then again, that's just me :-)


Posted: Jan 12th, '05, 18:28
by aznxshinobi
The DVD rip version will have english softsubtitles, and I think with hardcoded traditional subtitles. Mine are both hardcoded. And yeah the other guy or gal [i'm not sure] will release on d-addicts. I'd tell you their name but I dont know if they'll let me. Anyways sorry if I didn't make it clearer LittleGreenGrasshopper and I know what you mean about those three episodes its killing me as I work on the series :cry: .

warriors of yang clan

Posted: Jan 12th, '05, 19:07
by mylinh
If you can share this serie, i'll be very very happy because there's a long time I've searched this.
I've yet downloaded this serie but there's only chinese subtitles (speacking mandarin) and I don't understand it because I'm vietnamese.
thank you for sharing :D

Posted: Jan 12th, '05, 19:14
by Kai Lien
Hey all. I'm the one doing the soft subs, I've changed the wordings here and there as I thought fit. Minor stuff though. Yes, they will be posted here at d-a. I have the first three in its entirety but I am missing a segment in the 6th ep cause my puter crashed but I'll fill in those missing lines. :glare: So yeah let us know. Aznshinobi will probably be faster in releasing as timing is quite time consuming. Speaking of timing...anyone wanna help? I recently had to split my harddrive so it's smaller. Having 6 episodes and counting is taking up a lot of space. The other question is, should they be 350 or 700mb? It is quite lengthy, running about 33 episodes. Please let me know because you are going to be downloading/watching the show. I guess I am leaning towards 700 because that's what it seems like I'm doing. :lol

I'm a girl, btw. :-) Whoo...this is my 400th post. Never imagined that.

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 05:41
by ThaChinky
if its DVD ripped then i usually prefer a 700 mb just to stay truer to the good quality, cuz 350 mb is going towards TV rip. but then again. sometimes its hard to tell the difference.

anyway. ill help to seed this as long as my hdd space holds up.

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 05:59
by Calcifer
Hey hey...could it be...? Finally, talk of subbing of an ancient series??? :w00t: If this show's any good, I'd love to help sub an ancient series at last!

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 08:53
by Kai Lien
Calcifer10000 wrote:Hey hey...could it be...? Finally, talk of subbing of an ancient series??? :w00t: If this show's any good, I'd love to help sub an ancient series at last!
Yep!!! I was just as suprised as you are when I saw that our local tv station was going to broadcast an ancient series with english subs! :w00t: Regardless if this show is good or not, a good ancient series subbed would be so cool. But it would be a lot of work if not many people are interested. You keep talking about subbing one, I really really wanna know which one you have in mind. I have lots in mind but I really think Huan zhu ge ge needs to be english subbed!!

ThaChinky, that's very nice of you. Thanks! I guess I'll go ahead with 700 ones then. Maybe I'll make a poll when I post the first episode.

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 20:56
by hompie
Sounds like another good serie, and if you like it, Kai Lien, I like it probably too :)
And I prefer the 700 Mb files.

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 21:06
by Kai Lien
Actually, when I first heard of it. I was so excited because my favorite actor is in it but I'm not a huge fan of the story. So I didn't watch it for until recently but it's keeping me interested so far.

Posted: Jan 13th, '05, 23:19
by aznxshinobi
Personally I'v never even seen the show because of my criminal law and justice class. Its kind of funny because I'm recording it and encoding it yet I haven't even touched it beyond the commercial editing I've been doing :D . Anyways, it showed up on my local TV station and I figured someone might want to watch it. Who knows I may turn this into a habit :D .

Posted: Jan 21st, '05, 00:38
by ramenshop
350mb please

700mb is kinda overkill. I saw Jem capture 350mb is as good as 700mb version.
so if I have to choose between 350mb vs 700mb and quality doesnt differ too much, I WILL CHOOSE 350mb.

thanks kai lien

Posted: Jan 25th, '05, 19:38
by aznxshinobi
I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news but I wont be releasing my version of the Yang Family. My roommate downloaded a virus and gave it to the rest of the apartment :glare: . Anyways I wiped out my hard drive and now I'm missing 12 episodes. Maybe its for the better I've been getting swamped with 2 midterms 1 eight page paper and a project to work on :glare: :glare: . Anyways sorry I couldn't release the show

Posted: Jan 26th, '05, 00:50
by Kai Lien
Awww, sorry about your computer. Thanks for your hard work anyway. :-)

Posted: Jan 26th, '05, 03:52
by ThaChinky
losing a HDD is one of the worst things ever.

Posted: Jul 7th, '05, 23:05
by scott12199
Kai Lien, are you still sub'ing and up'ing this series?

Posted: Jul 8th, '05, 11:37
by animetama
scott12199 wrote:Kai Lien, are you still sub'ing and up'ing this series?
KaiLien is away on Summer vacation (lucky duck!)

I think Julian was helping KaiLien with WYC, so maybe he is in a better position to answer about continuality..?


Posted: Aug 4th, '05, 01:25
by DuMMyMeH
anyone know where i can download the torrent link for the rmvb version ...

Posted: Aug 5th, '05, 08:43
by adi_ria
is there a clubbox link for this movie?

Posted: Aug 6th, '05, 23:34
by marlboro
you can find this series at

Posted: Aug 6th, '05, 23:58
by P0KEY
wow!! i know i`m a little late on this, but I SAW WARRIORS OF THE YANG CLAN ON KSCI LA 18 TOO! did you know, i`m related to the mother (the historical figure, not the actress =D). yeah, after the yang clan were defeated, she went and like got revenge. hehehhe she`s my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma or something =D

gosh, that show was SO awesome. my whole family watched it with me *partly cuz the historical figure that we`re related to was a part of it* teeeheee.

it`s a really great show :lol i recommed it to EVERYONE

Posted: Aug 7th, '05, 04:02
by adi_ria
cannot download it from alec su clubbox, even tho i have already registered with clubbox. anyone know where else i can download? torrent files or anything? ......

Yang warrior

Posted: Sep 26th, '05, 18:05
by Freedom87
it was a good serie i dont understand why its just 6 episode
can anyone seed the rest? i realy liked the serie.

Posted: Oct 24th, '05, 17:31
by jubjaaa
How can find this series at

Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 04:02
by kkhui
wow... i wanna know 2... i haven't seen this series either

Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 04:16
by jubjaaa
in this's Clubbox-----

I can't load'
How I can do??????
Help me pleasssssssss

:O :O :O :O

Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 10:53
by hpo
jubjaaa wrote:in this's Clubbox-----

I can't load'
How I can do??????
Help me pleasssssssss

:O :O :O :O
I don't know what kind of browser u used, but aw, u can only dl from clubbox using Internet explore (MS).

u can dl this series in rmbv at btchina, but the downside is, it's a raw (no subbed).

Ka Lien, how many series r there in total??? the torrent I dl (still dl-ing) is only 30 series n u said it's about 33. am i missing something???? which 1 is right???

Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 20:26
by kkhui
ermm... can some please translate the folders on so i can find out which one is yang clan? :unsure: [/url]

Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 20:34
by hpo
kkhui wrote:ermm... can some please translate the folders on so i can find out which one is yang clan? :unsure: [/url]
the 1 that have (30) written inthe back some thing like this
양문호장(대륙 ..(30)


Posted: Oct 26th, '05, 21:12
by kkhui
thx hpo!! :D that was really helpful!

Posted: Oct 27th, '05, 02:17
by aNiX
kkhui wrote:wow... i wanna know 2... i haven't seen this series either
I highly recommend this series. I saw this and I cried at the end. It was very sad.

It's about a guy (main character) who had fell in love with a girl whose family are rivals to the main character. The main character's family has like around seven sons (don't remember, so long ago... in January). This family sworn to the protect the King with their Yang army. Continue to watch some more, a lot of Kung Fu actions.

Here is a picture.

This is one of the best drama I've seen.

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 00:55
by jubjaaa
Thank you!!!!!!!!! for replied my helping.
I'm can find with my friends now.
wait ....... the time ...

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 15:52
by Eleven
Can you Up the first episode please ???
I haven't clubbox and don't understand korean ^^ and my english is not very well so ...

Thx ^^

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 16:42
by jubjaaa
if I received this drama.
i'm try upload in Clubbox, but how can i upload ???????????
i never upload anythings on web.
how i do ???????????


Posted: Nov 7th, '05, 03:49
by jubjaaa
I received this drama.
I must be convert file, .mpg to .avi or .rm.
When I converted, I will be upload to you.

:salut: :salut: :salut:

Posted: Nov 8th, '05, 11:22
by jubjaaa

Warriors of the Yang Clan

Posted: Nov 13th, '05, 20:37
by Freedom87
dose anyone have the rest of the Warriors of the Yang Clan. i really liked it
i just got 1-6

Posted: Nov 15th, '05, 15:54
by Eleven

Posted: Jun 27th, '06, 16:19
by sparkled_silver
^ oh i heard this was a sad story ^____^ thanks for the links

Posted: Jun 27th, '06, 23:11
by abcd99
Complete torrent:

I'm currently subbing it.