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Hi, I am looking for a particular actor

Discuss about your favourite Chinese Actors and Actresses.
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Hi, I am looking for a particular actor

Post by Calixtus » Oct 17th, '10, 10:09

This particular actor, I don't know the name, but I can tell he is from China. I don't know the show he acted in as well, which is by and so far the only way in which I have come to know of him. I can tell you however details of the show from which you can rely on for inference, and perhaps with our collective effort, we can finally trace down this elusive man. Trust me, it is worth it. A guy like me is hunting down another man for his beauty.

The show took place on channel 8 back in 2005. This is what I believe at least, and to be sure it is vague the exact occurrence of the year, but I can say for certain it was before 2006, for from then on, the progression of life then and its circumstance, removed my involvement from the TV for which I have yet to reconcile. I have yet to watch a single show since 2005. I suppose we can safely say the particular show we are looking for must have taken place on or before that fateful year, for which specific details we will not even attempt to discuss, but to go on in specificity with what we are really searching for, I will expend what details I can reliably recall and would be an instrumental aid in this great search.

The show is either a wuxia or period drama, though I would lean on it being wuxia. But it was a classy one, not cheesy at all, unlike most of that genre. It was also possibly a joint collaboration between China and Singapore, and though I could be wrong, I would lean strongly on this. The actor in question wore a black cloth over his mouth frequently during the glimpses I took in of the show. This is an important point, for it would indicate, and this is reinforced by the impressions of dialogue and context for which you have to rely on my account and cannot know of, that the man held the role of a spy or double agent, in anycase somehow involved with what we must allude to being a complex plot of manifold suspense and intrigue, for which only an agent acted in the nature of his role will be required. It fitted his look to the collar, for those dark determined eyes exuded naturally the mien of the mysterious required for such a complex role. I will go on to say possibly, and this is decidedly the most farfetched of the amount of reliable info I can give, the show involved a plot revolving around the Qing dynasty and the plotting by this group of Hans then, for which the story centres around, to overthrow the throne, and in which our dark, mysterious actor comes in as a man of dubious intentions who plays, as the story progresses, the man who is revealed to actually work for the Qing to uncover the traitors. But I am possibly wrong, although it should be noted that I distinctly recall the man wearing Manchurian wear. It should also be noted he is a supporting character. From that you understand that as much as I was struck by the look of the man, I was not compelled to watch the show in greater scrutiny, for which resulted in my lack of foresight then to gain any stronger details for which I could embark on a search on, not so much I owe to my lack of preference for Chinese shows in general, than the state of circumstances then, which I will hold no more mention of. But it was a show I would have watched in less strenuous times, for a note of sophistication that eludes the greater range of Chinese shows was remarkably present, noted, and which I can almost say for certain that it is to be owed to the intensity that simply emanates of that actor, for his entire appearance strikes me as of one holding the noblest of qualities and an unshakeable air of dignity that demands the award of attention, and naturally uplifts the quality of show on the sole strength of his presence.

I have given what details I can of the show, that most importantly, it took place in the year 2005 on either channel 8 or U, but from here on, I will go into details of which I can give with greater clarity, reliability, and that I believe will prove the greater determinant in unravelling the identity of this man. That is to say, I will describe the appearance of this man, a visage that still appears prominently to recall, an explanation indepth of what has so struck me, impressed upon me with force. It is his eyes, they are of the rarest intensity, a dark spark possessed only by the most resolute, that is only beholden to one with a keen intelligence, an intense personality, indeed that the eyes show the strength of its bearer. And this is a man of such prominent mien and appearance as to ascertain that fact for us. I will even go onto say that despite his striking features, he will not appeal to the senses of most girls, on the fact of being intimidated perhaps, and after all, it is not in the taste of women to notice after men whose distinctions of character are to be detected on their face. Of the rest of his features, his face is slim and sharp, noble and high, of which only the dignified bear, all of which in proportion and effect produces the appearance of a person of singular focus and will. He is relatively tall, and of a normal, satisfactory build. But I can only speak of his character that it would hold such a mien, and as can be detected from the incisive gaze of his eyes, he has great integrity and purity, a perfectionist of demanding temper, and overall it will strike you as someone of quality. And I believe on that final note, I have said enough for you to detect the person on sight. You will know when you see him. I leave you as thus. Thanks.

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Post by tseon » Jul 7th, '12, 01:36

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