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Jerry Yan

Posted: Feb 2nd, '09, 11:30
by lyzievue
I love Jerry Yan, I couldn't find a topic about him so I thought I post one up. It gives me a place to rant about how much I love him. lol

Name: 言承旭 / Yan Cheng Xu
English name: Jerry Yan
Real name: 廖洋震 / Liao Yang Zhen
Also known as: Bao Long / Xiao Bai Tu
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1977-Jan-01
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Dragon
Blood type: B

Posted: Feb 2nd, '09, 11:34
by akiko-chico
Jerry is a good looking man! :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 23rd, '09, 20:32
by Jazzl
hello hello^^ does anyone if he can play piano for real? it looka like it in ep 10 of starlit.

Posted: Mar 9th, '09, 15:31
by hannney13
love him..hu3...but jerry n lee min ho...they look alike dont they...but still korean version of hana yori dango is the best..korean actors are really good with emotion n they r convincing enough!

Posted: Mar 10th, '09, 22:36
by Eddie113
haha, he's a decent actor....funny thing is I listened to F4 music before I knew he was an actor...

Posted: May 16th, '09, 12:04
by satorare
I like him most in "Magic Kitchen" cause he's always smiling in that movie

Posted: May 16th, '09, 13:10
by isbes83
yup, so far he's the best dao ming shi, very cute, but i can't judge as i haven't watched korean version yet. yup i really like him as dao ming shi cause he is very cute like dao ming shi

Posted: May 16th, '09, 13:53
by Jazzl
don't think he's the best and i am really not satisfied with his roles/acting in Starlit and Hot Shoot, hope future projects will be better cause i think he's good, liked him really in Love Scar and Meteor Garden.
In starlit his acting only got better at the end ;_;

Posted: Sep 26th, '10, 11:59
by janajee
Only have one page for the amazing Jerry Yan????

I simply adore the man. Hahah, I have just started watching Down With Love (a little late, I know), but MAAAAAAN, he was so awesome in it. And that dimple. OHMAYGAWSH, those smiles of his can kill me because if it's ever headed my way, I could die happy. DIE HAPPY, I tell you.

Posted: Sep 26th, '10, 21:39
by rochestersissy
He is most definitely hot!

Posted: Sep 26th, '10, 22:09
by gilnis
Janajee, I also liked him a lot in Down With Love! :-) He acted much better than before and he was super funny in it! :lol :lol :lol :wub: At times I laughed so much, that my tears came! XD He did a great job! :thumleft: Besides, he was really cute! :wub:

Posted: Sep 26th, '10, 23:06
by janajee
Let's do a little pic-spam shall we??
Heehehehehehe :)

Posted: Sep 27th, '10, 02:28
by janajee
And here's more:
Ah, Jerry Yan.


Posted: Jul 17th, '11, 03:06
by MoonRaven
He's so friggin' WOW