ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) and Barbie (Da S) Break Up

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ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) and Barbie (Da S) Break Up

Post by katdiva » Jan 17th, '08, 06:03

I was so crushed to read that these two announced their break up a few days ago, and confirmed it to the media today. :cry:
High-profile Taiwan celebrity couple Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu has broken up, according to local media reports.

Hsu confirmed the split via her assistant during an activity in Hong Kong on Monday. Zhou's agent also confirmed the news. Both declined to make further comments.

Barbie Hsu's mother told the media the couple parted amicably.

Barbie Hsu, 31, and Vic Zhou, 26, gained wide popularity through the 2001 hit television drama "Meteor Garden." They collaborated in another series, "Mars," in 2004, and officially began dating in July 2005.
I always thought they were a perfect couple for each other and so much in love.

I know that they both grew quite a bit from this relationship, and they have stated they will be friends forever:
Credits: MingPao
Translation by: evodrift @asianfanatics

Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu's two and a half years of (sister, brother) love relationship have ended.
Yesterday, Zai Zai who was in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, China announced the seperation with Barbie.

They were unable to maintain as a love couple but they can become life-long friends of close family ties.

At the press reception, Zai Zai was asked about the news on the break-up;
He said: 'It's true, we have broken up, the feeling with Da S is one from being her boyfriend to that of family member. The feeling of being a family member will be everlasting, this is much better.'
He was reluctant to disclose the reasons for the seperation but he feels that the two and half years with Da S were good times.

Rumours spread that the reasons for the breaking up were publicity for the film and that of
the female being stronger than the male and even 'forced marriage'?

Zai Zai rebutt that it's only hearsay, it's not the facts and that he did not wish to comment more.
The article continues:

In actual fact in mid December last year, Zai Zai had already made known the 'seperation notice'. Outsiders misunderstood that for a marriage announcement.
Last year on December 9, when Zai Zai was in Shanghai to attend the prize presentation ceremony,the media asked when the marraige will take place?

Zai Zai replied that: 'There will be a breakthrough in our relationship next year.'
He did not elaborate further what he meant by breakthrough.
Now we understand the real meaning of his statement. The breakthrough is their decision to separate.


I'm in utter shock and heart broken. But again, I wish them the best.

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Post by bean » Jan 17th, '08, 12:33

Erm, to be frank i was happy they break up.. I didnt like tis couple because the way the treat xu wei lun....

So tis news means ntg to me.. I noe many ppl will shoot me once i write tis post but i dun care i juz happy ..

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Post by saby » Jan 17th, '08, 13:20

to me it doesnt even matter if they r together or not

but if they really dont love each other then they did the right thing

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Post by ginny_lunallena » Jan 21st, '08, 03:35

aww I just read that article too and was about to post a topic :p

that's so sad :(
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Post by tsukinoHime » Jan 21st, '08, 03:41

that is sad news i wonder why they broke up seem to be a good couple :-(

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Post by lilswtangel » Jan 22nd, '08, 05:21

I only found out tonight at dinner when my mom brought it up.

we were discussing the return of F4 and how their group name has been changed to "JVKV" due to the name, "F4", being licensed by Japan. and then all of a sudden, my mom's like, "did you know that 周渝民 and Da-S broke up?"

Just to make sure, I went online and read the tidbit on Vic's wiki. :(

They were my favorite on-screen & off-screen Taiwanese couple so it was a bit disappointing to see that it didn't work out between them after 2.5 years.
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Post by loveless_soul » Jan 22nd, '08, 05:41

That's too bad.. 2.5 years already and now broken up... =(
I heard this news like 2 days ago when someone posted didn't they broke up or something like that at another forum so I'm not that shocked.
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Post by kawaita » Jan 22nd, '08, 05:48

awww that sucks. i thought they were going to be like forever lasting. atleast they didnt get married and then get a divorce cause then they would become the typical american celebrity couple heh.

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Post by fidelis7119 » Jan 25th, '08, 05:16

well....i never really liked them i'm okay with this news. :)

they wren't compatible....idk...i never liked barbie, so yeah.....that's my two cent

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Post by keaiclam » Jan 25th, '08, 05:41

I thought it was sad when I first found out. It sounded like their relationship was all well. All the best to them though. :mrgreen:

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Post by akiko-chico » Jul 12th, '08, 09:06

Yes now he can be mine LOL :wub:
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Post by azntina » Jul 18th, '08, 06:20

This is sad, I really like them in Meteor Garden
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Post by biniBningPunkista » Jul 18th, '08, 06:51

i didn't even know they were together! lolz...

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